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Top Tips To Get Rid Of Rodents From Your Residential Property

Rodents are very annoying! They not only spread diseases but also damage electrical equipment, wires, clothes, books, personal belongings, and property structures. Many homemakers rely on DIYs for rodent control in Melbourne. However, these are not so effective because these DIYs work only on the surface level. Rodenticides contain toxic chemicals which are harmful to your pets and kids. Do you want the best method of eliminating rodents from your premises? Please read this article.

Identify Rodent Infestation on Your Premises

Before applying any home remedies, you need to identify the pest issues through detailed Pest inspection Melbourne experts can also help you to do it. Please check the following instances. If you find any of them, it can be a sign of rodent infestation.

  • You can find suspicious noise at night because rodents are nocturnal. They are most active at night.
  • You can find droppings around the kitchen and bathroom.
  • When rodents travel, they leave dark and greasy marks on the floor
  • The smell of rodents’ urine can be a sign of infestation.
  • Find gnaw marks on the boxes, books, and personal belongings.

What Kind of Damage can Rats Cause in the Home?

Rats are unwanted guests on our premises that spread diseases and prefer dark and moist areas for survival. They stay in drywall, insulation, air ducts, vents, wood, and other building materials and start breeding to multiply their numbers. They increase the potential risk of fire by chewing electric appliances! It is important to eliminate such issues at an early stage or prevent them by following some simple habits.

How to Prevent Rodent Issues on Your Premises

Rodents are common pests, and it is tough to prevent them without regular inspection. However, you can do the following steps to prevent their activities inside your premises:

  • Use natural herbs and baits to eliminate them. The scents of these herbs discourage rodents from coming back. Generally, they prefer the same holes to enter and exit, so you can hang natural herbs in these areas to discourage them.
  • Seal the holes, cracks, and crevices because they use these to invade your room. It is the best method to eliminate them. Do not forget to use nets in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Use less-toxic rodenticide outside your premises, but do not overuse it. However, many experts do not prefer to use rodenticides because they can be harmful to your pets, so you have to use them strategically.
  • Do not keep your garbage bin open. It attracts rodents because they are always searching for food. Besides that, it also attracts cockroach flies to your premises, which can turn into a severe issue!
  • If you find dead animals, eliminate them as early as possible. Maintain all the local regulations and remove the dead animals from your property.
  • Cats are natural predators of rats, so if you have a pet cat, rodent infestations will not be a big headache.

Consult with Rodent Pest Control Kew Experts

If you are looking for reliable and effective Pest control Melbourne experts are ready to help you! At Dry Master Pest Control, our specialist teams are available 24/7. One of our teams will reach your location to provide the best service in your locality. We provide services even in the remote areas of Kew. Please visit our service page or call us to book an express appointment.

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