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Top Tips to Ensure that Your Online business is Secure

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Whether you have a small start-up online business or one that is experiencing meaningful growth and increases in income, the fact remains that the security of your online enterprise is vital. Today’s online shoppers expect that all transactions will be ultra secure in addition to a smooth customer experience across every page. In 2022 it is worth remembering that no company is safe from cybercrime, regardless of its size. A successful cyber attack resulting in customer information breaches can spell disaster for an online business. As well as the financial damage from a successful cyber attack (which can spell closure for a small online business as the average cost is over $2 million), the loss of reputation that ensues can drive away new and existing customers. This article explains three distinct ways an online business can ensure that its online security is effective and the risk of cybercrime is as low as possible.

Think about your web host

When building your website for your online business, it is more important than ever to consider the inbuilt security features of the hosting site. Reputable web-building sites such as boast a whole suite of security functions that seek to secure your website. These include 24/7 monitoring of site traffic and anti-DDoS protection features that provide instant responses to denial-of-service attacks. If you find that your web hosting site does not offer adequate protection, then it is time to consider switching to a more secure provider. Most online businesses will rely on online transactions taking place. As such, it is vital to be assured that the web host offers adequate protection against the actions of cybercriminals.

Offer ultra-secure login and payment pages

Key stages in the customer journey across your website are when they first log into the site and when they make a payment for a product or service on your web pages. Both these points can prove to be easy avenues for attack by cybercriminals if they are not adequately secured. For login pages to your website, consider using biometric data as part of the login process. This form of online security is one of the most sophisticated, as it relies on personal data that is specific to the user and cannot be easily replicated. Put simply, fingerprint and iris data are almost impossible to replicate, making it a secure way to conduct such information exchanges online.

Insist on SSL encryption

By using SSL encryption (which stands for secure sockets layer), you are reassuring new and existing customers when they make purchases. This is because the transactions take place in an encrypted state, so if hackers were able to investigate this flow of information, they would not be able to ascertain credit card and personal information. SSL certificates are instantly recognizable on websites as the padlock icon near the web address, reassuring the customer that the site is SSL protected. SSL encryption is not limited to purchase pages. It can also help secure all web pages on a site to ensure that the data is kept securely.

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