Top Tips to Clean and Maintain an Air Fryer Oven

If you are one of those people who have a habit of damaging their kitchen appliances due to improper maintenance, be assured that you aren’t the only one. There are several other people with similar complexities and confusion.

So, when you are buying the best air fryer UK, you have to prioritize that you are paying close attention to all the cleaning tips so you aren’t stranded in the middle with a lot of confusion floating in your mind.

To make things easier and accessible for you, we have sorted out all the top tips that you need to know to be able to clean your air fryer oven without any issues.

  • Start with the instruction manual

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your air fryer, you must focus on reading through the instruction manual first. This might not seem like a lot but we’d suggest you do that because not all of them are the same. All air fryers have different cleaning and maintenance requirements. For example, if one uses soap and water doesn’t mean all the other ones would too. Hence, reading through the instruction manual is always a good option.

  • Cool and clean

Unlike pots and pans which you might benefit from scrubbing down by soaking it warm, the same doesn’t apply to the large air fryer that you have sitting in your kitchen. For that, we’d recommend you let it cool down completely before you apply any cleaning agent. What this does is not only ensure that the appliance lasts long but also reduces risks of injuries while cleaning.

  • Remove and wash the removable parts

Depending on which air fryers UK you are purchasing, some of them do come with removable parts that you need to take out before you get into the scrubbing and cleaning. Some of the removable parts include a basket, tray, and other detachable components. You can take them out and either soak them to clean or scrub them. Also, you want to avoid using any rough cleaning agents because that might take off the exterior coating.

  • Clean the interior

Once the detachable parts of the air fryer are clean, you have to pay attention to the interiors. Irrespective of whether you bought the air fryers on sale, you have to clean the interior parts according to the instructions. Doing so ensures that you won’t end up damaging any part of the appliance.

  • Use baking soda

If you have tough stains in the best air fryer UK that are not getting off despite the standard scrubbing and cleaning, what you can do is use baking soda to break down the tough particles. This should help you figure out the cleaning process with ease.

Simply relying on trusted platforms like is not enough if you don’t have all the cleaning tricks sorted out. We have shared all the top tips that are not only simple but effective as well. They should enable you to maintain the appliance in the long run.

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