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Top Tips for Custom Paint by Numbers

Custom Paint by Numbers

Custom Paint by Numbers is an art form that makes painting easier for novices. By following the rules, filling in color piece by piece, you can create a beautiful art piece in no time. Whether you are a devoted artist or merely want to indulge in a relaxing activity to unwind, painting by numbers is the perfect endeavor. It involves following the code on a canvas with divided sections with numbers that match those on the respective paint pods. Follow the pattern, and watch your painting emerge to unveil a colorful masterpiece. A thrilling aspect of the process is that it initially appears lifeless and colorless. However, as you begin to fill in colors in the respective numbered areas, the painting starts to form.

In addition to being a fun activity, perfect to de-stress and relax, painting by numbers is the ideal way to brush up on your crafty expertise, especially for beginners. Painting by numbers helps you grow as an artist and gives you the perfect start as a newbie due to the process being relatively easy than creating an art piece from scratch. This art form can help you understand the importance of shades and hues in the overall outlook of a painting. It further enables you to recognize that individual objects in an art piece may seem unimportant. However, when put together, they make up an alluring image.

However, painting by numbers is not just a case of following numbers and colors accordingly. Some tips and tricks can help you perfect your paint by number skills and help you become a better artist overall.

1. Start in descending order, one number at a time.

One quintessential requirement is that you start your painting in descending order. Descending order means to paint each color at a time, starting from a larger area and then proceeding towards smaller boxes. Doing such will consume less time, and working from top to bottom will help prevent any accidental smudging. Painting one number at a time helps keep the paint fresh and prevents the colors from mixing and smearing.

2. Paint using Darkest shades first

The second requirement is, to begin with, the darkest color in your canvas advancing to the lightest shade. Doing so will enable you to understand the constitution of colors in a better way. You will begin to see how hues influence one another and how blending can create a better picture. Make sure to clean out your paintbrush while shifting between different shades of paint to prevent mixing.

3. Covering the Numbers

It is vital to cover the numbers adequately to give your painting a tidier look. Applying a thick layer of color from the get-go is a reliable solution as the amount of paint provided is enough. Another way is to use white paint or a white crayon before applying the desired paint shade, which works phenomenally. Even though most of the numbers do not show underneath the paint, some paint shades are light. Due to this, such a circumstance might arise.

4. Choice of a Workplace

A tranquil place is an ideal workplace, to begin with, your Customized Painting by Numbers art. It is easier to concentrate on the artwork and focus on the desired outlook of the illustration. Along with a pleasant aura, the place should be bright and well-lit. Using a magnifying glass for smaller areas can be equally beneficial.

Furthermore, organizing your workplace is vital. Keeping the desk space assembled encourages productivity. Having all the paints organized according to numbers at arm’s reach, along with brushes at one place, in a container makes it easier to work through the painting and automatically increases efficiency.

Additionally, although it is better to work at a specific place, you might feel the need to shift to find a more comfortable position. A foam board is a great surface to mount your canvas. Once you have taped your unfinished painting to the board, you can take it anywhere to continue with the rest of it.

5. Use a controlled amount of paint

Make sure to use enough paint to fully cover an area, but ensure precision while doing so. The amount of paint should be enough to cover the area but, the color should not mix in with the next part connected to your painted section. Also, try not to waste paint as a second delivery might take time.

6. Take care of your brushes

If you have completed one part and are moving on to paint the next one, make sure to wash the brushes properly. Use a dry paper towel to dry up your paintbrush before dipping it into another shade of color. Doing so prevents the paints from mixing up. Sometimes, the paint on the brushes might dry out. Acrylic paints stiffen after drying out, and removing them is difficult. Under such a circumstance, dip your paintbrush in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. 

7. Canvas issues

One common issue is the wrinkling of the canvas. Luckily, ironing the canvas is a simple solution to this problem. The material of a canvas is a linen cloth, and so ironing is not damaging. Sometimes when you open a brand new paint-by-number kit, unrolling the canvas brings it back to its furled state. Another solution to this is to place the canvas under heavy books or a mattress for some time until it straightens out.

8. Using Clear gesso.

Using clear gesso provides an adequate degree of rough surface to give acrylic and oil paints a better ability to stay on the canvas. Clear gesso is ideal for painting by numbers, as it not only primes the surface of the canvas but also allows you to see the numbers clearly, as it is transparent.

9. Blending and Finishing touches

Once you are over with one specific number, use a dry brush to create a “zigzag” effect to blend the paints, softening the contrast.

To saturate colors and add a protecting, shiny effect, add a varnish layer to your canvas.

Lastly, add a frame to your painting once dried and ready to showcase, and make sure to have fun throughout the process. 

In conclusion, custom paint by numbers is a fantastic way to unleash your creativity and create personalized works of art. By following these top tips for Paint by numbers, you can enhance your painting experience and achieve stunning results. Remember to choose a high-quality photo, plan your colors carefully, invest in quality brushes and paints, take your time, and enjoy the process. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, custom paint by numbers offers a delightful and satisfying way to express your artistic vision. So, gather your supplies, pick a photo that inspires you, and let your imagination run wild as you bring your own masterpiece to life. Happy painting!

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