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Top Three Trading Blunders That Hold Traders Back

Trading Blunders

Although entering the world of financial trading may appear straightforward and easy, it is important to recognize that achieving consistency within this realm is no easy feat. The allure of quick gains and the adrenaline-fueled rush of the trading experience can often lead traders down a path of repeated mistakes and eventual burnout, all under the unrelenting pressure of the markets.

Here are some of the most common trading errors you should be aware of – made by most beginner traders.

1. Risking more than the capacity 

A prevalent practice among traders is to assume an excessive amount of risk in the pursuit of rapid gains or due to their impractical expectations of avoiding any form of loss. Following are the two most common mistakes that fall under this umbrella:

  • Over-leverageOver-leveraging trades in the hopes of making a massive profit is a risky game that seldom leads to success in the long run. Inevitably, a trade will move in the opposite direction of the anticipated outcome and may cause a complete depletion of the trading account. On this note, Esmartinvest is a reputable broker that promotes balanced trading by offering a maximum leverage of 1:400, hence providing traders with a reasonable leverage option that is neither too high nor too low. Remember, trading is not just about making profits; it’s also about preserving your capital and staying in the game for the long run.
  • Poor risk: reward ratio – Setting unbalanced risk/reward ratios with a much higher risk compared to the profit target is also one of the most frequent errors made by traders. This approach often leads to significant losses as any small gains are quickly wiped out by a single unsuccessful trade.

2. Trading without a well-thought plan 

A major mistake that traders often make is entering the market without a well-defined strategy that encompasses trade entry/exit triggers, order targets, and the assessment of potential outcomes.

Remember that only by adhering to a solid trading plan that incorporates objective analysis and careful consideration of possibilities, you can enhance the likelihood of making calculated choices even in the face of unexpected market disruptions.

Simply put, having a trading plan will give you a comprehensive understanding of the market conditions beforehand, thereby preventing you from being caught off-guard by any price move.

3. Failure to utilize a stop loss or constantly widening it

Another prominent issue commonly observed among traders is their failure to set a stop loss order, and even if they do, the tendency to modify the predetermined stop loss level.

Note that you may have found yourself on the losing end of a trade many times, thinking that your original analysis is still valid and that you can wait for the reversal. 

However, many times, the financial markets experience violent fluctuations in prices that can be sudden and intense, leaving little time for preparation. With no stop loss in place, you may be at risk of suffering severe losses in a matter of minutes. 

Trading Blunders

A frustrated trader in front of a laptop screen

It’s important to understand that making incorrect trade decisions is a natural occurrence. However, neglecting to implement any form of trade restriction is a definite error on your part. 

Thus, to mitigate losses and continue trading in the future, you should establish stop loss points under all conditions. This will enable you to survive the occasional losing trade and be prepared for the next opportunity.

To conclude, traders should seek out brokerage platforms that offer a diverse range of high-quality services and tools to facilitate a secure and optimal trading experience. Several brokers, like Esmartinvest, equip traders with globally recognized platforms that enable swift transactions, as well as feature several trading and risk management tools to assist all market participants. 

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