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Top Three Reasons to Fly Private for Business

Fly Private for Business

Business class on airlines is all very well, but you’re still having to fit your business around airline schedules. Having to fly to and from the airports they use, whether they’re close to your desired destination and departure point or not. And having to wait until you’re back on the ground to have confidential conversations, in-person meetings, and the space and privacy you need to concentrate.

The Three Best Reasons to Charter a Private Jet for Business

1. Fly More Directly to Your Destination—At a Time That Suits You

Private jets aren’t restricted to the large airports used by airlines. Most of them can use much smaller airports, allowing you to leave and land closer to home and your final destination. They also allow you to fly when it’s convenient for you, meaning no inconvenient flight times or expensive hotel stays while you wait for meetings or return flights. Some private jets have bathrooms and showers, allowing you to travel overnight in comfort and arrive for meetings the next day rested and refreshed.

Result? Fewer, shorter transfers and hotel stays. Greater convenience. Saved time and money.

2. Increase Your Productivity

Private jets mean private lounges and fixed base operator services. That means no long waits to check-in, pass through customs, or collect your luggage, and no need to arrive at the airport hours before your flight.

You won’t only save time before and after the flight, but on the flight too. Travelling for business by private jet means you can have privacy, peace and quiet, and access to the W-Fi and tech you need. This allows you to concentrate on your work, have virtual meetings, and keep business matters confidential—all of which can be impossible on an airline flight. You can also charter private jets with conference rooms, providing scope for in-person meetings with colleagues and clients.

3. Stay Flexible and Respond Quickly with Short Notice Bookings

Need a flight at short notice? With airline bookings, there simply may not be a service to your destination for a day or two—or even longer. There may not be any spaces left on the next scheduled flights either. However, when you enquire about booking a private flight through a reliable broker, you can usually get a same-day flight—often within a few hours.

Fly Private for Efficiency and Productivity

By reducing the time that you normally waste before, after, and during flights, flying privately can add hours to your day—and weeks to your year. Wasted time becomes productive time. Busy airports, crowded planes, and long queues become a thing of the past. And any extras you need—special catering, for instance, or transfers—can be arranged for you by your flight broker.

So next time you fly, fly private—and let your private jet broker and flight crew handle everything from start to finish, while you focus on business.

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