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Top Three Crypto AI Tools of 2024 That Will Shock You With Their Profitability

Bitcoin’s decline has forced other sectors to look for more creative ways to profit from the crypto market. The AI crypto sector is stepping up considerably, as (FET) and Render (RNDR) have been making decent gains in the past few days. 

News from the global economy and the expected Artificial SuperIntelligence Alliance has caused some price action on FET and RNDR.

RCO Finance (RCOF) is joining the AI tokens with its innovation. Instead of cloud computing and GPU services, RCO Finance’s initiative surfaces in the DeFi trading sector. But before you conclude, RCOF is not just for traders.

There’s more to the new DeFi project. Is up 28%; Here’s Why

Nvidia recently climbed to the top of the most valuable companies, edging past Apple and Microsoft to take the top spot. The driving force has been its AI developments, and AI crypto tokens directly benefit from the ripple effects. is one of the biggest gainers this week, and Nvidia’s progress has not been the only incentive for the FET price surge. Earlier in the year,, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET proposed a merger coin to increase their crypto market use cases. 

The merge event is scheduled to be held in a few weeks–by mid-July, we will have the Artificial SuperIntelligence Alliance (ASI), and users can’t wait.

The FET price is 28% up this week, and’s derivatives market has increased by 210%. With the hype around the AI tokens merger, it’s no surprise that is trending.

RCOF: Trading Without Restraints

Decentralized trading platforms are more popular among crypto traders for their privacy and anonymity. You can also expect that much from RCO Finance, as there is no KYC requirement for traders.

And the perks get even better. Robo Advisor, RCO Finance’s AI tool for traders, is one of its core features. The Robo Advisor is a financial assistant for every trader, studying your preferences, from risk tolerance to goals, and maximizing them with AI insights.

For example, your Robo Advisor analyzes a specific token pair and predicts a market action. But instead of dropping the analyzed entry points as generic trading tips, the assistant factors your specific trading behavior to offer personalized advice.

RCO Finance also offers other critical features to its users. Users enjoy access to borrowing and lending at very low interest rates and can leverage their trades up to 50x.

Render in the Green?

Unlike the other three AI tokens looking to merge, Render started this week’s trading on losses, ending Monday and Tuesday in bearish zones before spiking on Wednesday. AI tokens were expected to pump in 2024, and the RNDR price might be warming up for a streak already.

Render is 15% up from the activity this week, and unlike, RNDR doesn’t have a merger to look forward to this summer. However, the ASI token to be launched by mid-July depicts a step forward for the whole AI crypto sector, and Render is along for the show.

Throw in Nvidia’s jump to the number one most valuable company in the world, and you’ll see why the AI tokens are very much in demand. The 2024 forecast is going their way, and now, there’s a new token joining the fun.

DeFi trading is improving, and RCO Finance is leading the charge. Watch out for the RCOF presale.

Get in Early on the RCOF Presale

RCO Finance is currently in Stage 1 of the presale, and the tokens sell for $0.0127 each. The AI involvement in the project has most investors and traders excited, but even more crypto users are drawn to the expected presale ROI.

There’s a 3000% ROI ($30,000 profits if you invest $1,000) for anyone who buys their RCOF tokens now. The prices can only rise with time, and if you were out for summer profits, the RCOF presale is perfect for you.

To learn more about RCO Finance’s features, like its Robo Advisor, Zero KYC, and all the perks the project has for traders, check the landing page here.

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