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Top Telecom Companies In Pakistan

There are dozens of telecommunications companies successfully operating in Pakistan and providing high-quality internet and telecom services to local Pakistani users. Some of them which are considered best of all time are as follows.

Mobilink Jazz

In 1990, Mobilink, created by Mobilink of Pakistan, began providing cellular services in Pakistan. This telecommunications company offers both voice and data services, which knits many people together through their respective offerings.

In todays date, the most popular and successful smartphone internet packages are considered of Jazz. Mobilink Jazz internet packages monthly are their best selling data packages offers  bundles of benefits in their offers. 

jazz internet packages monthly

Mobilink has consistently maintained a dominant market position by providing a full array of top services and the largest brands in the industry. From the start, the cellular brand continued to provide uninterrupted web access to the entire country.

Mobilink established Mobilink Foundation to promote and support charitable, educational, and environmental initiatives. The company also offers corporate and customized brokerage services. Mobilink offers periodic and special prices and promotional packages, mobile internet, international services, and other value-added services.


Warid Telecom’s GSM, LTE-based mobile company is the company of Abu Dhabi Group, the principal investor in Pakistan.

Now Warid and Jazz are collaborated and shared their all packages with the same subscription methods for all Jazz and Warid users in Pakistan.

Warid Telecom launched the cell phones in 7,000 distinct locations in Pakistan in 2005. It is the sole cellular company in the country and commenced commercial operations that year. It offers postpaid, prepaid, LTE, GLOW, Mobile Call Paisa, Mobile Internet, international roaming and other value-added services.


PTCL began its new brand named Ufone in 2006. Ufone was acquired by Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group in 2006 after the privatization of PTCL.

At the outset, Ufone focused on Pakistani individuals to provide them with means for interacting with the services and scales that are directly related and making it certain that they can do more than to simply communicate with low charges.

Ufone’s customer relations claim that her network service is of supreme value, as well as clear sound with the lowest rate. It offers free cost plans for its customers. The network coverage of Ufone resembles a giant over the 10,000 roads and areas of Pakistan.

Ufoneoffersagrowing3Gmobilenetwork. Some of the Ufone offersare3Gprepaidtariff, 3Gpostpaidtariff,SMSservices, Intldirectdialing, etc.


Zong Mobile Pakistan (China Mobile Pakistan) is a pan-Pakistani mobile network from Islamabad. The company extends postpaid and prepaid plans, mobile data services, mobile banking, 2G, 3G, and 4G services. It is also the first Zong operating in Pakistan.


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Telenor Pakistan is the brand of Telenor Group. It is the second-largest mobile operator of Pakistan, with a subscriber total in excess of three million people.

Telecommunications firm Telenor began business commercially in 2005 after receiving its GSM license in 2004. About 2.3 billion a year has been invested in the local economy because of this company, and it generated approximately 25,000 indirect and 2,400 direct jobs.

This company has an extensive network of franchises, outlets, and service centers that offers a variety of work opportunities to countless Pakistanis. It has its head office in Abuja and branch offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, and Peshawar. Its services include mobile banking, 3G and 4G internet service, voice and text messaging services, at low prices.


NTL is a member of telecommunications companies in the Republic of Pakistan that has set up Islamabad as the most connected city in the world. Nayatel makes sure its consumers services and focuses on the quality of service.

NTL’s strategy is fair, secure, and ethical. NTL aims to transform Pakistan into a a prosperous state using modern IT technology and tools.

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Wateen Telecom is one of the largest telecommunications networks in Pakistan who provides network solutions to fulfill network connectivity requirements in the country.

It produces company, internet, voice and multimedia services and delivers communication necessities to a wide audience throughout Pakistan.

Wateen is the first company to introduce WiMAX commercially worldwide. Wateen has also become the No. 1 wireless broadband service of Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Furthermore, Wateen won the Consumer Choice Award for the Best Internet Service Provider. Wateen offers a variety of services, including residential broadband, small business, and business enterprise.


All these companies are best performing among all other telecommunication companies in the local market of Pakistan. The reason they are top-notch in the local industry is their good customer care services and very affordable calling and other package rates.

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