Top Technologies which are to be Integrated in Doctors-On-Demand Healthcare App

Doctors-On-Demand Healthcare App

The technological advancements in the world are making revolutionary changes across every industry whether it is Finance, Education and healthcare is not an exception to it. 

Every industry and companies working in that industry are utilizing the technology to the best of its potential which makes them have an edge over their competitors. Every company tries to adopt the best innovative technology to attract new customers and to entertain the existing customers.

YES! Only technology that fits well to the apps must be integrated and not every technology which appears unique and innovative.

The technologies which are innovative and fits perfectly in the healthcare apps are as follows:

1) Artificial intelligence

The increase in demand for customized healthcare services, the role of AI is getting more significant.

The technologies must be implemented into the Doctor-On-Demand project to procure and make analysis of the patient’s data to regulate if the patients are suffering from any chronic diseases, even AI helps in knowing the reactions of the body after the intake of the particular medicines, which medicine appears right and suits the patients.

Even at times the allergies of patients gets known to the doctors – All thanks to AI. 

AI got successful results in making Alexa much more powerful and that is just the beginning of the new period. 

AI is rapidly making transitions in the healthcare sector. In a recent survey which was conducted by Tata Consultancy Services they found that among the studies carried on 56 leading healthcare organizations there are 86% of them have already adopted AI.

The expenditure which is allocated for AI implementation is $54 millions by the end of the year 2020.

Healthcare organizations are even much more excited by the collaboration of
AI and Telehealth sectors. 

Clinicians and physicians are already using a Google machine learning algorithm which is used for remotely diagnosing and treating diabetic retinopathy. 

Now that the telemedicine products are wireless and feasible. AI helps in identifying health care problems even before they turn disastrous.

2) Machine Learning 

Machine learning and AI can together bring revolutionary changes in the healthcare sector at large. 

The algorithms in machine learning can look at the radiology scans and all other resources to discover evidence of all the outcomes and all the realities which can guide all the human decision makers. 

There is also a wide range of methods where machine learning and AI can aid with the daily challenges faced by the telehealth apps. 

Machine learning can provide features from scheduling to consultation and examination to diagnosis to billing. Such types of technologies help to automate the telehealth processes. 

In early telemedicine apps the concept was quite simple where doctors made proper utilization of technology and used video conferencing and related technologies to provide consultation and treatment to the patients.

Moreover, with the help of machine learning, Doctors will be able to make the combination of decision support tools which requires automation of technologies and which requires much hard work. 

3) Blockchain

Looking at the pervasive role of blockchain technology in healthcare, it will again be the profitable deal where the introduction of the powerful decentralized structure can take place which is your Doctor-On-Demand mobility solution. 

Technology will make the whole system more transparent and authentic and it will often speed up the internal process at large.

With the implementation of blockchain technology a database can make the list of every transaction or block with a time-stamp while connecting it to the previous block thus forming a chain. 

Once the block gets created it cannot get deleted or edited. It even offers proof that the transaction has occurred. The potentiality of data security and transparency brings much attention to the people from the healthcare industry. 

4) Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one of the topmost technologies which are to be considered when we talk about developing an On-demand mobile app solution for all the doctors.

This helps in transmitting patients to the virtual world where they can even fight to overcome their anxiety, loneliness and other depressing emotions and it helps the patients to recover soon. 

The benefits offered by Virtual Reality has wide options to provide particularly in healthcare.

Patients, professionals as well as the medical students can reap the benefits of the healthcare technology.

Medical students can watch an operation and feel that they successfully operated a patient and this provides the medical students with perfect insights to know the minute details and make proper use of it and bring out the differences in the theoretical subject from practical. 

Apart from these there are many benefits where patients feel relaxed in the duration of their treatment  while professionals with VR can even feel the joint pain and other diseases which are faced by the elderly people in their age and there are several other benefits attached with VR for patients and healthcare professionals. 

5) 5G Technology

5G with better network connections and speed than 4G can also get considered for making Doctor-On-Demand much more successful. 

5G of cellular wireless technology will provide huge connection power and faster speed which can help bring transformation in the ways healthcare gets delivered. 

The benefits of 5G technology are as follows:

  • Quick transmission of files
  • Expands telemedicine 
  • Improves spatial computing with AR and VR
  • Real-time monitoring

6) Augmented Reality

Such technology will allow the doctors to make an introduction of augmented elements in the real world which will further gradually empower them to streamline the process which helps them to serve their patients with the perfect Doctor-On-Demand services. 

AR technology further also assists in increasing learning retention and understanding the doctors as well as patients by presenting complexities in the interactive formats 

For example, The movement of medicine in one of the global pharmaceutical companies gets explained with the help of a 3D heart model and how the medicine affects the system at large. 

7) Voice Search 

Last but not least, with the introduction of voice search technology into the Doctor-On-Demand app development solutions it appears a profitable way which provides 50% of all the searches as they will be made through voice commands by the end of the year 2020. 

Concluding Lines

All the technologies in this sector will play a pivotal role in the dynamics of the Telehealth sector. 

Individuals rely on smartphones and smart devices and technology is the best weapon to be launched against them as the innovative and emergence of technology becomes highly adaptable to them.

About the Author 

Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations which is a top doctor on-demand solution provider. Operating the IT Infrastructure of SMEs and startups keeps him on his toes and his passion for helping others keeps him motivated.

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