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Top Tech and Business Successes from Ohio

Top Tech and Business Successes from Ohio

When you hear the words “Ohio” and “business,” you might automatically think of well-known corporations such as Procter & Gamble or Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. But, Ohio has a surprising number of unique, innovative, and inspiring individuals who have made great contributions to the business world. In this blog, we will delve into the lives of some of the top unique businesspeople from Ohio.

David Barrett: David Barrett is the founder and CEO of Expensify, a software company that provides online expense management services. Barrett was born in Ohio and attended the University of Michigan, where he earned a degree in Computer Science. In 2008, he started Expensify, which has grown to serve over 10 million users in over 170 countries. The company has been recognized for its innovative approach to expense management and has won multiple awards, including the 2013 Crunchie Award for Best Enterprise Product.

Scott Dorsey: Scott Dorsey is the co-founder and former CEO of ExactTarget, a cloud-based marketing software company. Dorsey was born in Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati, where he earned a degree in Business Administration. In 2000, he co-founded ExactTarget, which grew to become a leader in email marketing automation. In 2013, the company was acquired by Salesforce for $2.5 billion. Dorsey has also co-founded several other successful companies, including High Alpha, a venture capital firm based in Indianapolis.

Mark Pinto: Mark Pinto is the founder and CEO of Applied Materials, a semiconductor equipment company. Pinto was born in Cleveland, Ohio and attended Princeton University, where he earned a degree in Physics. In 1984, he joined Applied Materials, where he has served in various roles, including that of Chief Technology Officer. Pinto has been recognized for his contributions to the semiconductor industry and has received multiple awards, including the 2017 IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award.

Jim Truschinger: Jim Truschinger is the founder and CEO of RelateCare, a healthcare communications company. Truschinger was born in Ohio and attended Ohio State University, where he earned a degree in Business Administration. In 2009, he founded RelateCare, which provides innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and enhance communication between patients and healthcare providers. The company has been recognized for its contributions to the healthcare industry and has won several awards, including the 2019 Microsoft Health Innovation Award.

Brian McCarty: Brian McCarty is the CEO of Emerald Bioscience, a company dedicated to developing cannabinoid-based treatments for chronic diseases. He is also a former Wall Street executive who accumulated 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotech companies. What makes him unique is that he later decided to shift to a more impactful field, citing his son’s medical condition as a significant influence. McCarty’s leadership has led to Emerald Bioscience’s success, and his move from Wall Street to medical research has inspired countless others.

Dick DeVos: Dick DeVos is a Michigan businessman known for being one of the world’s richest men. However, he was actually born in Grand Rapids, Ohio. DeVos, the son of the co-founder of Amway Corporation, is known for his steadfast commitment to the conservative cause and the Republican Party. DeVos has been active in several business endeavors, such as running for Governor of Michigan, launching a worldwide marketing company, and being the owner of the Orlando Magic. Dick, along with his wife, Betsy DeVos, has also been actively involved in philanthropy, particularly in education.

Alyssa Michelle Stephens (Latto): Hip-hop has always been a genre of music that has been able to captivate audiences with its unique beats and lyrics. One of the emerging artists in the rap game is none other than the talented Latto. From winning “The Rap Game” to releasing chart-topping songs, she has already achieved so much at a young age. Latto’s age has never been an obstacle to her success. In 2019, she collaborated with Atlanta’s Phipps Plaza to give out free school supplies, backpacks, and haircuts to underprivileged children. She is also a supporter of anti-bullying movements and empowering the next generation of young women.

Jeni Britton Bauer: Jeni Britton Bauer is an Ohio local and one of the most amazing female entrepreneurs in the country. She is the founder and CEO of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, which has been featured in many newspapers and magazines and won numerous awards. Her love for ice cream started in her childhood when she spent summers on the family farm producing milk and raising goats. Despite having no culinary training, Jeni created an all-natural, fresh, and high-quality ice cream that has taken the industry by storm.

Ben Lupo: Ben Lupo is an entrepreneur from Youngstown, Ohio. He is the CEO of Green Energy Future. Ben experienced several challenges in his life, but he never lost the determination to succeed. He started as a janitor, took multiple low-paying jobs, and worked his way through several levels of a public corporation before establishing Green Energy Future. What make him unique is his commitment to the environment and sustainability. Ben has helped change the perception that sustainability is expensive by developing cost-effective solutions for businesses.

Debra Jasper: Debra Jasper is the founder and CEO of Mindset Digital, a Columbus-based company that provides online training in social media strategy, digital selling, and digital leadership. A former anchorwoman and journalist, she is an expert in utilizing online communication to achieve maximum engagement. Jasper has given speeches to hundreds of organizations worldwide, including Keybank, Walmart, and Nationwide. Her expertise has helped businesses worldwide establish a social media presence and reach out to their customers.


These are just a few of the many tech businesspeople from Ohio who have made significant contributions to the industry. From creating online retail giants to developing innovative healthcare solutions, these individuals have changed the landscape of technology and business. Their stories serve as a reminder of what can be achieved through drive, innovation, and hard work. Ohio is fortunate to have such talented individuals who continue to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and create groundbreaking new ventures.

Ohio has produced many different successful and unique businesspeople, from those who work in alternative medicine to those who are philanthropic entrepreneurs. These individuals serve as role models for the younger generation. What is noteworthy is that these individuals never gave up on their dreams despite daunting challenges. By reflecting on their stories, we can become inspired to tackle our personal and professional obstacles and create our own unique legacy.

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