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Top strategies to prepare for an asylum interview


If you have submitted your application for asylum in any part of the globe, then you must be abreast with the rules and regulations of this sector. Asylum officers will ask several questions in the interview to determine your credibility and legal claim to the asylum. Since the process of an interview is daunting, you need the help of attorneys who can put together a few tips to assist you prepare for the interview. These individuals with the necessary proficiency in this field can guide you through the procedure and make the claim settlement easy.


  • Follow and read the instructions

You cannot commit a mistake regarding taking instructions from the asylum officer. Remember that you must read and follow these instructions and review every piece of information that the asylum officer provides. You cannot lose sight of this aspect as it may cause trouble leading to your rejection. Hence, follow every instruction minutely to get through the interview.


  • Convey your story

When working with the lawyer, you must help them with every piece of information about your story. The asylum institution will ask you questions regarding your background, and you must transparently provide them with every data. Remember that there are various applications before them. Hence, you must ensure that your application stands out from the competition. For this, you must prepare yourself, and that too, under the guidance of a lawyer.


  • Review interview questions

Once you have decided on your lawyer, you will see they have a distinct strategy for these cases. They will start by reviewing the application and similar questions. They will familiarize you with these questions and help you prepare for the same. It would help if you practiced answering uncomfortable and difficult questions because you will face these in the interview. If you want to know how to check asylum status, you may take your lawyer’s help. You must become well-versed in these things, from the application information to other related aspects.


  • Prepare documents

To limit mishaps on the interview day, you must ensure that you have every document you require before time. You may need documents that establish your nationality, education, and work. Do submit all these with the asylum application. Along with this, you have to bring copies of these for the interview to verify the information.


When preparing for an asylum application, you must do so under the guidance of a lawyer. These individuals with the necessary expertise can provide relevant strategies that go well with the interview.


  • How will you find the lawyer? 

It is one of the vital questions that may trouble you regarding the asylum application. Remember that you need a competent individual who knows the purpose of the asylum application and your story. They must be listed on the State Bar association website to assure you of their credibility. You must visit their website for their past cases, client reviews, experience, and expertise.


Try cross-checking the information when you meet them for the first time so that you get hold of the right person for the job.



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