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Top SMM trends for 2023

Top SMM trends for 2023

The beginning of the year is always a time for planning. The calendar year is over, all its mistakes and miscalculations have been taken into account, the right decisions have been analyzed, in short, the ideal moment to prepare a promotion strategy for the near future.

It is very convenient to develop this strategy when there is an understanding of what your audience expects. That is why it is customary to analyze trends. Of course, it is impossible to predict everything, there is always a factor of surprise, but many things are quite predictable, and by taking them into account in advance in a strategy, you will make it stronger.

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SMM Trend #1: Betting on Video Content

Actually, this trend began in 2020 and continues to develop actively. Attentive users have probably noticed how active social media are working on video development:

  • On Instagram, there are reels at the top, with their help, users are promoted through organic views, without targeting (which is relevant in the current realities).
  • Facebook develops its videos with an interesting working algorithm.
  • TikTok is all video and continues to be popular.

Recently, short videos in the style of TikTok have been especially popular. Moreover, in 2022, it was the business community that made a big leap toward working with such video content. Today, only lazy people do not advance through rails and clips, and you can shoot them on a smartphone without spending a lot of resources.

And the coolest thing is that promotion through short videos gives quick viral coverage and attention to the target audience, comparable to the target, but at a much lower cost. If the video is successful in recommendations, the algorithms will actively show it to users, and you will skim the cream.

SMM trend #2: promotion with bloggers

It is also by no means a new method of promotion, but by 2023 an interesting work trend has lined up. Business is looking for new ways to promote on Instagram, and blogger advertising has become one of them. At the same time, the crisis hit the budget for promotion hard, and companies, especially small ones, do not have the opportunity to invest large amounts of money in this channel.

So the trend of working with nano-bloggers or, as they are also called, micro-influencers, entered the scene. We are talking about advertising in profiles with a relatively small audience – up to 20K subscribers. As a rule, such profiles are focused on a rather narrow segment of the target audience, but their audience is much more involved in the content, and the level of trust is very high compared to bloggers with hundreds of thousands and even more so millions, so advertising causes a great response.

A completely new feature that some companies are just trying out is the introduction of so-called bloggers-ambassadors. All actors, musicians, athletes, and other famous personalities have advertising contracts with major brands, participate in their promotional campaigns, and actively use the products of these brands in their daily lives and work.

SMM trend #3: clip-based presentation of information

Every year, the Internet audience gets more and more tired of informational noise, its susceptibility decreases, and it becomes more difficult to hook users.

Recently, the restrictions on some social media have left their mark. As a result, people value their attention and time too highly to waste it on offers whose relevance is not visible at first sight. This, by the way, is one of the reasons for the increased popularity of rails and clips, which we talked about in the first paragraph. As for static content, it is now more efficient to serve it in blocks or slides. So the information is perceived faster and easier.

SMM Trend #4: Organic Promotion

That is, promotion through social media algorithms, without investing in targeted advertising. All social media are actively working on their recommendation algorithms. Their main desire is to ensure that the feed of posts is as relevant as possible to the interests of each specific user.

All this is gradually moving to business promotion. It is profitable to fly into trends: a successful post can bring coverage that is comparable to the coverage of the target, but at the same time, viral coverage will be free. This leads to a simple conclusion: businesses should focus their efforts on increasing the activity of posts.

The more reactions your content receives, the more successful it will be promoted. That is, we are working on engagement. 


We have an interesting and very busy year ahead of us. In order for your SMM promotion to be successful, consider in your strategy that:

  • It is necessary to introduce video content on social media, especially short videos in the style of TikTok.
  • It is worth setting a budget for advertising with bloggers, and it is important to find micro-influencers who have special trust in your target audience.
  • It makes sense to reconsider the presentation of static content in favor of greater visualization, actively implement infographics and make the presentation of information more visual.
  • It is important to pump up the engagement of your content so that it brings more coverage through recommendations. This will help to significantly save the budget while improving the results of the promotion.

And, of course, always remember that Advertex SMM specialists will be happy to help your business conquer any social media.

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