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Top SaaS Content Marketing Tools for 2021

SaaS Content Marketing

For any business in 2021, there can be a huge benefit from using SaaS content marketing tools on a daily basis. Humans can only do so much within the confines of the working day whereas technology and computers can do a lot more.

With that being said, here are some of the top SaaS content marketing tools for 2021.

1) Google Analytics

It has to be said that Google is one that rules the roost when it comes to the world wide web. In order to assist your content in ranking successfully within those top-tier pages, it’s important to have the right data. Data can help influence your content and to tailor it to your audience. 

According to Stackla, 79% of people say that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions. However, in order to create the right content, you need the background knowledge to begin with.

Google Analytics has been around for some time now and is one of the originals in data analysis. There are plenty of other platforms now that provide a similar sort of service but GA continues to adapt to the modern software on the market today.

There are many benefits of using Google Analytics to help define your target audience and elevate the content you deliver to them.

Find your target audience

As mentioned above, your target audience is important to know as a brand. From basic information like their age, gender and geographical location to their hobbies and interests. Not all target audiences will be the same and so it’s good to assess your website’s traffic in general.

your website traffic

Understand user behavior

User behavior can help you distinguish what’s working and what isn’t working when it comes to content. This is particularly so when navigating the company’s website. Google Analytics can help you see what content is engaged with and what content probably fell on deaf ears.

Track real-time visitors

Amongst other features, with this tool you can also track real-time visitors. Getting an insight on when and where they’re logging onto your site can be useful to know when it comes to your content calendar, etc. 

2) Jarvis

Writing marketing copy can take time and for some businesses, they only have limited resources available to get everything done. What tends to happen though is certain tasks end up getting pushed back and that can stunt the growth of a business.

With 89% of marketers engaging in social media for the top reason of increased exposure, it’s important to make use of tools that can help create content quickly. In this fast-paced online world that many businesses operate on, using a tool like Jarvis can help your marketing team create content fast. 

Not only is Jarvis good for copywriting but it can also help keep your team organized with folders for various clients and multiple projects that are on-going all at once.


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The artificial intelligence of this tool can be useful to rank valuable keywords for any future content, whilst helping to improve SEO across your site’s pages.

With over 20,000 customers, there’s plenty of reasons why Jarvis is a popular choice for content marketing tools. Here are a few of it’s other features:

Product descriptions

Tired of writing hundreds of product descriptions? This type of marketing copy can be exhausting for your employees, so why not let Jarvis do all the work for them? These product descriptions can be used across email, websites and social media.

Blog post topic ideas

Every copywriter or marketer can struggle with writer’s block. Sometimes that creative faucet can turn off and it can be challenging to turn it back on again. With that said Jarvis can help brainstorm new blog post topic ideas so you don’t have to.

Photo captions

Photo captions on social media can be a tough one to get right, especially when it comes to getting it on your audience’s feed with the right keywords. This AI can help generate photo captions that are catchy and help you get noticed.

Video scripts

If you’re a company that often utilizes the video platforms like YouTube, then Jarvis can be great for video scripts. This is a tool that proves most useful for listicles or how-to videos, which are often useful for many businesses to create.

3) Hootsuite

There are currently 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. That’s a lot of people and a lot of potential exposure for businesses to take advantage of. Having a social media presence as a business is necessary to expanding the business potential for growth and success. 

It’s often the driving model for many of these new and existing companies who’ve garnered huge success from social media. So with that being said, publishing content and marketing online needs to remain consistent and frequent in its efforts.

social media platforms

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Hootsuite is a helpful tool that allows you to organize and schedule your content across a range of social media platforms. It’s one that can help you get ahead of your content schedule so that when it comes to hitting publish, it can be done automatically rather than manually.

This tool is one of many that can help schedule content so that you save time and resources to spend elsewhere within the business. 

There are many benefits to using a tool like Hootsuite and these include:

  • Allows collaboration between the workforce.
  • Helps keep social media presence strong.
  • Source content from everyone internally and externally.
  • Create high-performing content every time.

Content is only productive when it’s high-quality and provides something to the audience. Whether that’s knowledge, an influence to purchase or to simply be inspired, it’s good to focus on as a business.

4) Semrush

Semrush is likely one of the most powerful SEO tools in existence and it’s one that’s used by many across the globe. Whether it’s a business to an entrepreneur, there can be a lot of benefit from using tools that specialize in SEO.

There are over forty different tools in the overall kit that is Semrush but the majority falls under the category of search engine optimization. SEO is a must for many marketers who are looking to make their content go further.

 backlink analytics and insights into traffic.

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With Semrush, you’re able to help locate and use the right keyword tools, discover backlink analytics and insights into traffic. You’ve also got the benefit of doing a site audit so that you can truly understand how well your website is doing and what vulnerabilities it may have. Nothing is ever quite perfect after all.

As one of the most comprehensive SEO tools, it’s one of the best when it comes to helping your business with content marketing. It’s an absolute must-have for those within your organization that need more insight into search engine optimization in relation to the content that you’re putting out.

5) Zoom

Zoom is a platform that has certainly come out benefiting from the pandemic of COVID-19. Whilst many businesses put their workforce straight into remote working, not all of them had the resources to do so.

But then Zoom stepped up to the plate by helping businesses connect with their workforce and clients through video conferencing. Zoom generated a staggering $882 million in it’s Q4 FY 2021 and continues to flourish even in 2021 as the need for remote working continues.

remote working

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Not all businesses are working in an office and some start-ups and small businesses are instead turning to remote work. However, that poses challenges when it comes to team collaboration. 

Luckily, Zoom can offer all that through its video conferencing facilities. You’re able to conduct client meetings not only from your desktop computer but also to any other device like a mobile phone or tablet.

The tool can also help to generate webinars,rooms and workspaces which are helpful when working on content marketing. Not everything can be done as easily over phone or email when it comes to creative tasks within the business. Remote working is certainly part and parcel when looking into the future.

6) Hubspot

Many of these SaaS tools now offer a variety of features beyond their core purpose. Hubspot is a unique one because it acts as a hub for the rest of your content marketing tools. Instead of navigating several different tools at once, you can streamline them all into one place like Hubspot.

Content marketing tools

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From developing and hosting your website, tracking traffic metrics and running email marketing campaigns, the list is endless. There are plenty of features that are included within Hubspot that you might not need integrations for. However, the tool allows you to integrate a lot of the marketing and sales programs that you might be using on a daily basis.

SaaS content marketing tools can be super helpful to save time and resources for any type of business, big or small. Technology has already taken over 90% of the jobs we used to do as humans, so the future is digital. Utilize the tools available this year to maximize your company’s potential when it comes to content marketing.

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