Top Reasons to Buy Dahua 4MP Camera for Your Security

In the field of video surveillance, 4MP cameras are a vital emerging trend and aim to be worthy substitutes for 1080p cameras. These types of cameras are driven by new kinds of sensors that can offer almost the same 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080-pixel count. It is possible to find true WDR in these sensors and these are fully unrelated to the 4MP systems that came out a few years back from ACTI.

Are you planning to buy a dahua 4MP camera?

Read and find out about the top benefits that you can get from a 4MP camera.

· Low price

Dahua due to its efficient manufacturing model is offering 4MP cameras at very low prices which means that you can get a 4MP camera without spending a lot of money.

For less than 300 dollars you can get these cameras with true WDR fixed focal domes, integrated IR, and 4MP. The pricing for 4MP cameras is slightly higher as compared to 3MP or 1080p equivalents. However, it is possible to get a Dahua 4MP camera for less than $200.

· Detailed Picture Quality

You can get improved details in wider seems and better WDR performance at almost the same cost as that of low-cost 1080p cameras. Naturally, these can be worthy substitutes for many of the 1080p cameras that are available out there in the market at present.

A wider field of vision with a higher pixel count is what these systems offer. The low light performance of these types of cameras is pretty sharp and crisp which is quite similar to or even better as compared to the 1080p camera models.

There is high PPF and practical gain in subject details in 4MP models in full light. Text is more eligible in these cameras which makes them fantastic.

Even in low light conditions, the bitrate of dahua 4MP camera systems is higher as compared to those of 1080p cameras.

· High performance

In different kinds of test settings, a dahua 4MP camera emerges on top. Facial and text details are easily captured in the photos and multimedia content that is shot with the help of this instrument. Whether in full light or in low light conditions, this camera can offer optimal performance – when used with an adjustment of settings.

Once you start using a 4MP camera system, you would not like to use a 1080p camera again for your requirements whatever they might be.

· Security

You can also use this kind of camera for your security purpose. When you have a high quality shoot camera in your establishment whether at home or in the office or in your factory you can monitor the activities of people and always stay alert. Forewarned is forearmed as they say and having prior knowledge of any possible threat can ensure your security a long way – by giving you the time to make adequate preparations for emergencies.

With the default settings, the WDR performance of this system is excellent. When you increase the WDR settings to optimal levels you can get better performance. The low light bandwidth of this kind of camera is better than the 1080p cameras available out there.

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When it comes to performance, details, quality, and pricing, no other camera in the market can beat a dahua 4MP camera. This is a great camera to use for your personal requirements and can also match your professional requirements. Go for it and you will not regret your decision!

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