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Are you searching for an alternative to Procreate for Windows? Procreate is the infamous iPadOS app that gives artists a platform to execute their creativity. It is quite a popular digital tool but is not built for iOS. So, what do Android or Windows 10 users have?

If you’re looking for a way to have a Procreate Windows download, look no further. While Windows 10 may not be the best software for Procreate, many alternatives exist. Read along to find your alternate Procreate for Windows.

Other Choices for Procreate 

Let’s learn a little more about Procreate first. It is set up to be an art studio with an array of tools at the artists’ disposal. Their best feature may be the inclusion of the Apple Pencil, which provides a similar experience to drawing on paper.

Procreate is designed for artists from various fields. The app, however, does come at a cost to one’s pocket. The premium price is $9.99.

Its only disadvantage may be relevant to Android users or those searching for an alternative to Procreate for desktop. But we’re here to show you the other choices that are available to your liking. The best part is that it’s as good as Procreate and pocket-friendly.

Top Picks for Procreate Alternatives

It may be one of the classics that have been available and have evolved. There is an array of tools that are provided to the artists. It mainly deals in vector graphics.

You will also receive benefits such as importing pictures to draw over, accessing your work from any device, saving on the cloud, and more. It is priced at $30 a month, while annually, it is $275. There is also an option for 3D effects and typography. It is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

Krita is one of the better options for Procreate for Windows 10. The app is based off to be free, open-source software. It is highly recommended for concept art, complex illustrations, and comics. It is very user-friendly and has a proactive community on the Krita Artists Forum that provides artists with support, tips, suggestions, tutorials from various digital artists, and maybe even inspiration for their next piece.

It is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Krita is among the best apps for Linux. Its latest update has increased the competition with Procreate.

ArtRage is good for beginners who want to start in digital art. It has a wide range of custom painting tools that are quite realistic by nature. This is quite useful for digital artists. It has a minimal user interface.

It is priced at $79. It can be downloaded on Mac, Android, and Windows 10. This may be one of the best Procreate download alternatives. But it comes with its cons of being priced a bit higher and is not recommended for professionals.

Another highly recommended Procreate for Windows alternative is ClipStudio Paint. Its highlighting feature is the natural brush feeling it provides users with its brush engine. You are also able to customize your art tools to your preference and to suit your artistic style.

It includes a free trial for three months that starts at the price of $29.99. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and even Mac. It is quite advantageous for Manga enthusiasts as the app has many Manga-based features. The app also provides up to 1,000 new monthly materials for artists to discover.

Like Krita, Concepts is a good alternative for an optional Procreate free download. It is designed keeping in mind the Surface tablets, making it compatible with Windows 10. It works favourably with the Surface Pen, allowing users to adjust the intensity of the tool. It also has an array of drawing tools.

The app is free, but it contains a lot of in-app purchases that may appeal to users at a low price of $9.99. The app is appealing due to its variety of canvases. It is a good choice for both novices and professionals.

A suitable Procreate for Windows 10 choice, Corel Painter is quite advanced. Equipped with a myriad of tools that range from drawing to graphic design, the app is the go-to for professionals. There are over 900 brushes and a cluster of art tutorials, making it welcoming for beginners.

The app, however, comes at an exorbitant price of $429. But it is true to its price and delivers accordingly. The app can be downloaded for Windows and Mac users. The latest update includes an AI feature to change a photograph into a painting. 

This app may be the epitome of Procreate Windows 10 alternatives. It has been created for sketching, mainly. It offers a vast canvas and an assortment of artistic tools and features. Apart from that, the UI is quite conveniently accessible.

Recently, the app was made available for free. It is compatible with Windows 10, Android, and Mac. It even allows the benefit of using a stylus and palm rejection.

There you have it, a list of our choices of Procreate for Windows alternatives. While some may require a subscription, there are a few that are free. As observed, these apps are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Go ahead and unleash your creativity digitally through any of these apps!


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