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Top Motion Graphics Tutorial You Should See for Learning

If you plan to become a Motion Graphics artist in the near future, then this article is surely for you!

A great way to exercise your imagination and have a lot of fun is to work as a motion graphics creator. Every motion designer has occasionally had difficulties getting inspiration and not only individual designers, but  motion graphics services  also face creative blockage at times.

On certain days, you can feel that you are using the same techniques over and over again or that your technique has stagnated a little. It occurs to almost everyone.

Finding encouragement is a terrific way to restart your creative process, and the best source for this is motion graphics tutorials that are available on the internet.

But to start with the basics, let’s first learn about Motion Graphics.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is a type of art that fuses the concepts of graphic design with those of video production by utilizing movement and special effects. In essence, it is moving audiovisual information that has been embellished with transformations, typeface, color, and other design aspects.

Most often, dynamic text and visuals are added to the presentation of information in order to improve the interface. It is especially useful when the subject matter is so complicated that a layperson could find it challenging to understand.

Various industries can benefit from motion design where excellent communication is necessary. The majority of advertising agencies purposefully use it as a key component.

Key Motion Graphics Tutorials You Should Follow

Now that you have learnt about the basics of motion graphics, let’s move a bit further.

Just follow the below tutorials to master your motion graphics skills.


1.   The Future Academy

The Future, a YouTube channel that attempts to teach individuals how to earn a profession as a creative and video creator, has a companion channel called this one.

The focus of the Future Academy channel is on honing your design and creation abilities. Numerous themes are covered, including typography, logo design, artwork, video content, and of course, a tone of juicy design research advice.

The Future Academy is a fantastic resource to learn from and get artistic ideas from if you’re trying to improve your skill level in a variety of domains.


2.   Skill share

There are several alternatives for motion design lessons on Skillshare. For novices, there are cinematic and digital animation classes. There are also advanced courses for working designers.

The nicest part about some of these Skillshare videos is how they break down each subject into manageable segments and practical motion tasks to make learning simpler.


3.   Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer, a visual effects designer, established Video Copilot as a platform for him to publish his own After Effects courses. His courses were well received, and he later created his own program and plug-ins as a result.

The YouTube page is a goldmine of lessons, with interesting information on how to create things like sticky visual effects, lightning visual effects, and our current fave, dramatic title designs.

4.   Sonduck Film

SonduckFilm breaks from the norm by emphasizing the clarity and concentration of its videos. The channel also offers source code for virtually all of its lectures, which is fantastic for learning because it allows you to practice replicating the instruction easily.

SonnduckFilm focuses on motion graphics videos and includes some excellent cinematography films.

Build Your Foundations Today

We are sure that the above guide will give you a choice to start your career in the motion graphics field. You only need to learn all the lessons to be a champion designer.

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