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Top Moments in Final Fantasy 14’s Zaniest Side Quests

View U7BUY  for more about Final Fantasy 14 and cheap FFXIV Gil. As players journey through the Land of Eorzea, the unforgettable Inspector Hildibrand, along with his peculiar companions, takes center stage in a series of comical escapades. Let’s delve into the top moments that have left players chuckling in this ongoing saga.

Father and Son Chase

The quest to summon Hildibrand’s father, Godbert Manderville, turns into a sidesplitting chase. As players perform the Manderville Dance, Godbert catches up with lightning speed, suplexing his son into the ground. This humorous father-son dynamic becomes a recurring theme, each encounter more memorable than the last.

The Warrior of Darkness Dance

The solemn Warrior of Darkness takes an unexpected turn, showcasing a lighter side. Players find themselves performing a ridiculous dance to lure out Hildibrand, providing a humorous twist to the typically stoic character’s demeanor.

Brandihild, the Lower Resolution Clone

A cloning mishap results in Brandihild, a lower-resolution version of Hildibrand resembling older Final Fantasy titles. Smarter and more humble than the original, Brandihild introduces a quirky visual element and adds an extra layer of humor to the storyline.

Close Encounters on the Moon

Alien abductions, moon adventures, and duplicates of Inspector Hildibrand elevate the absurdity. The quest takes an interstellar turn, offering a cosmic escapade filled with laughs and unexpected twists.

Manderville Mambo

Introduced as a delightful emote, the Manderville Mambo becomes a highlight in Even Further Hildibrand Adventures. Though learned at the quest’s end, the comical dance routine involving all characters, including the player, adds a festive touch to the quests’ conclusions.

Hildibrand’s Mother

Julyan Manderville, Hildibrand’s mother, enters the scene with her lethal frying pan and unconventional parenting. Her reactions to Hildibrand’s antics, especially his intent to adopt Gigi the mammet, create hilarious moments, showcasing the Manderville family’s eccentricity.

The Living Statue

Every Hildibrand quest series kicks off with the Inspector in a ridiculous predicament. In Even Further Hildibrand Adventures, Hildibrand starts frozen like a statue, leading to an absurd auction scenario and a chaotic chase to rescue him.

Hildibrand Plays Dress Up

Known for his unconventional problem-solving, Hildibrand attempts to catch criminals by dressing up in elaborate disguises. Whether as a bride or a maiden, his ludicrous attempts result in chaotic and humorous outcomes, showcasing his over-the-top approach.

Nashu’s Explosive Tendencies

Hildibrand’s assistant, Nashu, introduces a unique problem-solving approach – explosives. From freeing Hildibrand to handling zombie-like situations, Nashu’s penchant for bombs adds a recurring comedic element to the quests, leading to entertaining results.

In the realm of Eorzea, the Hildibrand side quests offer a delightful departure from the main storyline, providing players with moments of laughter and absurdity. As this ongoing series continues to evolve, players can anticipate more rib-tickling adventures with the eccentric Inspector and his peculiar cohorts. Enhance your Final Fantasy XIV adventure with U7BUY’s FFXIV Gil, ensuring you have the resources needed for every whimsical moment. 

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