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Top Illustration Styles Every Illustrator Should Know

Illustrations can be highly versatile, and according to the worldwide, one of the fundamentals to succeed in art is to discover an authentic and creative way to illustrate.

Creating an illustration is the best way to express your ideas, and also it can bring a character to work or create a compelling brand image. You can hire top illustrator agents from leading illustration agencies to create the best illustration for your book or company.

This article will explain Illustration, the top Illustration styles, and everything in detail.

Let’s begin! 

What Is an Illustration?

An illustration is an artist’s vision, such as a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, or image of things seen, remembered, or imagined using a graphical representation.

They are trained professionals who can draw in various media, pen and pencil, and digital image-making, especially in today’s hyper-digital world. They can use the best technology to render images, which is essential for aspiring illustrators.

They have a visual feature that aims to explain and communicate a particular product or idea, grabs the viewer’s attention, and can be highly informative.

The most popular type of Illustration is the pencil, a material that allows you to create soft shadows and transitions and sharp, accurate lines.

Top Illustration Styles

Here are some top Illustration styles that every illustrator should know:

1- Minimalist illustration

Minimalist illustration

A minimalist illustration reflects the idea of many arts. It is trendy but different from today’s art since it follows an aesthetic way and also adds cultural values to their art. It helps complex concepts and ideas to find the simplest ways to transmit them visually.

Moreover, several styles are coming down from types of art, such as line art and big and bold illustrations. Overall, they allow all the designers and artists to focus on the subject core by exploring the power of clean and precise lines and shapes.

2- Big and Bold illustrations

Minimalist illustration

Big and bold illustrations are a type of art. It is a style that uses hyperbolic representations of shapes, forms, figures, and even letters. 

Those are the core of the Illustration and consist of minimalist fat, bold, and colorful lines that dominate the viewers’ attention.

3- 3D Illustrations

Minimalist illustration

3D Illustration has achieved fascinating popularity growth over recent years. Nowadays, they are widely integrated into different design forms but have dramatically grown in web design.

It is a unique style that challenges the limits of 2D designs and brings new possibilities. Many artists explore the possibilities of 3D Illustration in various ways by considering different environments, characters, and styles.

4- Typography Illustrations

Minimalist illustration

Typography illustration focuses on arranging the appearance of each letter and symbol to create a successful design. 

This type of style considers the selection of a particular layout, colors, and many other design aspects to make a design stand out.

5- Geometric Illustrations

Minimalist illustration

By considering the shapes and properties in art, geometry allows all designers and artists to achieve impressive and unique illustrations.

The geometric illustration style can combine and even overlap geometric shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns. The outcome can be very creative and highly versatile.


Illustration can effectively communicate ideas, concepts, and products visually. It grabs the audience’s attention and shares an engaging story that viewers can easily follow. 

Moreover, it is very informative, considering it can visually highlight the key takeaways from a complex concept or even the main features and benefits of a product.

Moreover, throughout this article, we analyzed how Illustration has evolved over the years and how it can differ in styles, techniques, and purposes.

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