Top Five Reasons To Use PDF Instead of Word, Excel or Powerpoint

PDF files are extremely commonplace in today’s world, whether for business, home or academic use. In fact, some industries require them as the standard file format for use. There are a number of reasons that PDFs are more popular and more useful than Word, Excel or Powerpoint files for most users. Here are the top five reasons why it makes sense to choose PDF over these other formats in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.

1) They are User-Friendly

Fonts, tables, images and other complex elements of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files can cause frustrating loading errors when trying to open them, but PDF files are designed to be portable and almost universally accessible, which means that all of their formatting is preserved between devices and programs. They are also version-independent, so you can view, edit and merge PDF files created at different times without worrying about outdated or updated software causing an issue. Many people have trouble working with computerized documents such as Word files. One of the beauties of PDF editing is that it is simple for even the newest tech users. You can change any file into the widely compatible PDF format from most document manipulation programs, including Microsoft Office on Mac and PC. From there, you can painlessly share, export or copy a file anywhere you wish to.

2) You Can Change Their Size

Have you ever felt frustrated after spending a long time working on a document, only to find that its file size is too large to save on your device or send to someone? With PDF files, it is simple to decrease file size with compression software. From there, you can preserve all of your hard work and still share the document whenever and wherever you need to. Since their formatting follows them and they are designed to be accessible, PDF documents are not going to cause any surprises when they are made smaller.

3) They’re Polished

PDF files are becoming the universal standard for professional use. Many employers, corporations or other professional individuals and entities expect resumés, legal documents and other serious paperwork to be saved as PDF files. This is largely due to the fact that they are so user-friendly, compressible and less prone to errors when compared to other formats, all of which are benefits discussed above. When in doubt, most professionals know that you can’t go wrong by sending a PDF file. They look as professional as they feel, which is an added bonus.

4) They are Highly Secure

Did you know that it is very simple to password-protect a PDF? Taking this simple step allows you to protect sensitive material from getting into the wrong hands. You can even remove the password if you no longer need it. You can use a variety of programs to boost your file’s security for safe sharing over the internet. Remember to always keep such passwords in a safe place and try not to forge them.

5) You Can Use Them for Just About Anything

Whether you need to create a report, write an academic essay or whip up a resumé, PDF files are a great choice to do so. As mentioned above, these files types can include all kinds of fonts, tables, charts and images, meaning that you are limited only by your imagination. You can even add detailed annotations to your documents, allowing you to successfully provide or receive feedback on works in progress while collaborating in professional or academic settings. Just be sure to make a copy of the file before sending it out so you have access to any originals before drawings, highlights, notes or other annotations are added by friends or colleagues.

How can you get started with creating, editing and saving PDFs? PDFSimpli’s PDF editor software is a great start, and Adobe offers paid Acrobat Reader software that allows you to make a variety of edits. If you want to quickly save an item as a PDF file, you can do so from virtually any type of software, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. No matter what your industry is or what type of document you need to create, the many benefits of PDFs make them a top file choice that is only getting more popular as time goes on.

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