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Top Five Most Popular Email Platforms In The World

The E-mail came into our lives to stay, even before access to the Internet, when companies considered the installation of e-mails to be positive, but access to the rest of the network to be inadvisable. Today, when everything has changed, it is still an indispensable tool, both personally and professionally.

The difference is that many of them have become unsafe or difficult to manage due to the abuse of advertising and spam, not to mention those interfaces that are not up to date in terms of usability.

Today, email is one of the most widely used services daily around the world and the most popular providers offer most of their services free of charge. There are numerous paid services as well, but they’re mainly focused on the business environment.

Alternatives and recommended options for a free e-mail service

Down below, you’ll find five of the largest and most popular platforms worldwide that offer the email service as the main hook but that usually have been creating a multitude of functions that have made them become a complete suite of tools for daily work, study, and even more.

Free VS Paid

The same service, but two opposite ways of presenting it. Free email services are the most popular, but paid email is still used, especially in corporate environments.

Nonetheless, this time we are only going to talk about the free email platforms, although some of them, or maybe all of them, offer premium services for a price, so let’s start with the list!


Gmail is Google’s email service, one of the most widespread in the world. It was created in 2004 but did not reach the level of popularity of Outlook until 2014.

Its storage capacity is very large and practically unlimited. The inbox is very easy to handle and clear, eliminating unwanted mail automatically. Its format is organized and distributed by sections depending on where the e-mails come from.

Surely all of you reading this have had or have a Hotmail account. If not, you can easily create an e-mail account in Outlook.

Over time its capacity has expanded to become virtually unlimited. Although it is worth noting the big change it has undergone recently, exactly in 2012, as Hotmail has become

Yahoo! Mail

It is one of the most traditional email services in the world, behind Gmail and Outlook. Its storage capacity is unlimited as in the other two previous services. It also has great protection against spam, as well as antivirus that protects the security of your email account.


AOL is growing in popularity as is GMX. In this case, AOL has an unlimited storage capacity, it also has anti-spam and anti-phishing tools. Some of its main advantages are the possibility of customizing the inbox to each user’s liking, and the existence of its AOL Messenger application, an instant messaging tool that works efficiently.


QQ, the Chinese “social network” of the famous “penguin” is much more than a messaging service. It is the equivalent of Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter combined, in addition to offering other services like sending emails, and being able to create an account in the English language that apart from Chinese, is the only other language officially enabled.

You can access qqmail, have a virtual hard drive, write a blog (QQZone), a microblog (Tencent Weibo), (QQYinyue), buy online (Paipai) and play online (QQYouxi). It also allows you to book trips, find a partner (QQTongchang) or keep a virtual pet, Tamagotchi-style.

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