Top DeFi Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2024 as Bitcoin ETF Approval is Pending

Bitcoin ETF

Theta Network, Avalanche, and Meme Moguls are trending following the approval of a Bitcoin ETF. This decision has triggered an influx of new investments into the DeFi space, alongside several price rallies. Avalanche and Meme Moguls have both benefited from this, and Theta Network is expected to rally over the next few weeks following a new partnership. 

Theta Network Partners With NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights

Theta Network is gaining significant traction in the NFT space. After a recent partnership with the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, NFT purchases have increased dramatically, increasing activity throughout the Theta Network ecosystem. 

This has pushed Theta Network’s daily trading volume up to $12 million, and Theta Network’s price is up by 2.5% over the last 24 hours. Following this increase, Theta Network moved up the cryptocurrency rankings from 66th to the 62nd largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

On its current trajectory, Theta Network could push into the top 50 ranked cryptocurrencies, and as a result, the project has caught the attention of crypto whales and experts. 

Avalanche Plans To Launch 9.5 Million Tokens

Avalanche has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies over the last week. Its value has increased by 13.35% and now experts believe that Avalanche could breach the $40 resistance level. 

This increase comes following an announcement that 9.5 million Avalanche tokens will be airdropped to stakeholders. These tokens are estimated to be worth $320 million and will be allocated to the Avalanche Foundation, strategic partners, team members, and the community. 

This is designed to prevent early investors from liquidating their holdings to make short-term profits, though has experienced mixed reactions. Just $39 million worth of these tokens will be allocated to community members, with the main portion of the allocation being sent to the Avalanche Foundation.

The sudden influx of Avalanche tokens could cause short-term disruption, with Avalanche decreasing in value. As a result, some investors are selling their Avalanche holdings before the airdrop.  

Meme Moguls Announces Presale End Date

The Meme Moguls presale soared over the past week as investors flocked to one of DeFi’s best-selling presales. This innovative P2E game is now set to end its presale at the end of February, after which it will begin phase one of its game launch. 

Over the next week, developers are launching a game preview where early investors will be able to see the new features and game modes that will soon be available to them. This highly anticipated event is expected to be a big hit and could result in stage 5 of the presale selling out ahead of schedule. 

Upon launch, players will be able to start building virtual portfolios, competing in tournaments, staking $MGLS, and placing in the in-game leaderboard. Post-launch crypto experts predict that $MGLS will experience several price increases, hitting a new all-time high. Having already built a strong community, price analysts speculate that Meme Moguls could increase in value 100x in 2024, which makes its current selling price of just $0.0036 a bargain. 

With just a few weeks left of its presale, investors are buying $MGLS faster than ever to capitalize on price increases and have the chance to win one of several presale prizes. These range from cash to holidays and events, with a number of players already winning in prior presale rounds.  

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) Presale: 

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