Top Crypto PR & Marketing Agencies 2022

Crypto projects are in full bloom these days, and no one can deny this fact. Essentially, marketing a crypto-based project is equally important to ensure its growth and exposure. The market teams up with crypto PR & marketing agencies that have got you all covered. Here are some remarkable blockchain PR & marketing agencies and what they bring to the table. has changed the narrative of crypto PR & marketing organizations globally. You can count on this powerful agency to grow your crypto, fintech, or NFT project and offer it the hype it deserves. It is the ideal blockchain PR venture to help create history! will put your project on the map and give your brand the attention it deserves through unmatched publications, interviews, and press releases.

PR Marketing Strategy helps you create a PR strategy to push blockchain, crypto, and NFT projects on social media and create a necessary buzz that will put your name out there. This will help increase exposure and make sure your content is shared with thousands of readers..

Online Presence and Visibility understands the importance of your brand’s online presence and visibility. Therefore, the agency utilizes SEO optimized content and practices to increase the reach of your articles and press releases. Thus, boosting audience participation and fostering good relationships with your user base.

Content Creation and Distribution does a phenomenal job publishing news on top crypto and business news sites and media. They offer the best cryptocurrency, fintech, NFTs, and blockchain PR options and the best prices in the industry to ensure the success of your project.


Caphiq works on a vision to collaborate with small and large companies across five continents to market blockchain and beyond! Powered by data and driven by strategy, Caphiq can be relied upon to offer investments and business strategies, advisory on compliance and governance solutions, PR, and full-stack digital marketing services that deliver results. Caphiq empowers ambitious businesses and helps enhance brand awareness. They offer their extensive services in the following domains:

Marketing Strategies

Caphiq has covered its basis by presenting unique and engaging experiences for the crypto venture. From branding to business strategies, Caphiq plays a great role in brand recall, blockchain advisory, and social media and advertising to help grow your business effectively.

Public Relations

Working on public relations with your community strengthens their connection with your project. Caphiq assists you by working on PR through interviews, articles, and publications on top news sites.


Caphiq has created magic in the crypto marketing world by introducing solid website design and implementation, white paper content and beautification, and offering an insight into branding strategies.

The next one on the list of popular marketing agencies in business is presents direct access to more than 150 business and crypto media contributors. If you are working with, get ready to have thousands of web visitors per month, and the web conversion rate is greater than 5%, which is astounding, don’t you agree? 

Online Traffic

Flexe allows you to promote your crypto project using multiple social networking and search engines. They run ads that help deliver significant exposure. presents the workability of promotional ads in the following space:

  • Google AdWords captures the crypto traffic by preparing keywords and remarketing the brand.
  • comes up with their own list of top crypto influencers. The influencers help grow your crypto business exponentially. These influencers come from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Telegram, Medium, Quora, Discord, etc.
  • Etherscan ads are at your beck and call to develop creative promotional banners in different options.

PR Marketing

An extensive range of PR options lays a powerful foundation for your brand once and for all. There are publications, interviews, and press releases to grow your monthly traffic and turnaround time.

Community Attachment

To involve a full-fledged community in your work, introduces multiple ways to do so. It includes Airdrop, Quora, Cryptotalk, Bitcoin talk, and Telegram.


Coinbound is a one of its kind marketing agency that makes you switch your focus to what’s important. Instead of working on promotional events and social media marketing, the business tycoons can focus on improving their quality and services. Coinbound promotes your crypto brand and makes it go viral.

Influencer Marketing

To establish the digital outreach of your crypto brand, Coinbound operates on influencer and thought leader marketing. Similarly, Coinbound has access to world-class cryptocurrency and blockchain influencers globally. 

Twitter and Blog Management

Most of the clients of Coinbound witnessed more than 300% growth in the first three months, which is an all-time high. Coinbound takes responsibility for your Twitter account management creating great content. Moreover, the blog management presents engaging and well-researched content to keep the audience in the loop.

Search Engine Optimization

Making it easier for Web3 marketing, Coinbound takes your brand and helps rank it higher on Google. Search Engine Optimization provides value to potential clients and offers minimal friction in the process.


Amazix gets you everything you need under one platform. From branding and marketing to legal advisory and project management to community management, Amazix is reshaping the crypto world. With a team of 291 million influencers and more than 1550 blockchain professionals, one doesn’t have to worry about marketing their project.

Marketing and PR

Amazix presents great services for marketing blockchain, crypto, NFTs, crypto exchanges, and wallets.

Community Management

Amazix helps grow your crypto venture by allowing you to keep FUD at bay and improve community management.

Legal Advisory

Under a single platform, you can access Amazix’s lawyers to fill your documentation needs. It means that you can head to Amazix and find useful legal assistance without facing any complications.


Establishing an all-rounder crypto project is hard. However, it is important to provide your project with proper marketing. Although there are several agencies on the list, Not all are created equally, some are better than others when it comes to different services. If you are looking for the best crypto and blockchain legal services, go with Amazix. If you need help with your business and marketing strategy and blockchain advisory, get in touch with Caphiq. If you are looking for the top crypto influencers, you should checkout Coinbound or However, if you need the best PR options and the most affordable prices in the industry, you should check out

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