Top Careers You Can Build After Passing Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Certification Exam

Top Careers You Can Build After Passing Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect

If you are thinking of having an AWS certification that helps you in polishing your skills and knowledge of AWS architecture and allows you to resolve real-world AWS application problems, then the Architect Associate is the best choice for you. The candidates who aim to get this certification have to pass the SAP-C01 exam. Once you nail it, you will be eligible to work in various job roles. Plus, some remarkable career opportunities are waiting for candidates once they earn their AWS certificates. You cannot deny the fact that AWS certifications have great demand in the IT industry, and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional designation can lead you to unlimited opportunities and allow you to work in top positions in IT firms. You just need to know about these job roles that can give a kick to your career goals and provide you with a lot of exposure. Thus, there is a number of job opportunities available for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, so let’s discuss a few of them:

  • AWS Cloud Architect

The AWS Cloud Architect is the high-end position that connects the professionals with engineers as well as different clients and provides them an interface with stakeholders and leaders in the technical domain. It is the best role that gives a push to your career and makes you eligible to earn a handsome salary. In particular, the annual income of the Architect Professional is around $154k per annum as revealed by ZipRecruiter. Still, you can earn even more if you are promoted and have diverse expertise in the field.

  • AWS Cloud Developer

This job role also introduces you to a career where you will be responsible for the development of software applications and solutions for the firms. The candidates who apply for this job role can get it easily after winning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification. It will bring your career to another level and make your journey more interesting as you move forward. Moreover, if you look at the salary of the Cloud Practitioner, it is around $123k per year as mentioned by ZipRecruiter. Indeed, you don’t have to worry about your career goals when you have attained the AWS prestigious certification and have entered the world of AWS Global Community experts.

  • AWS Solutions Architect

You will be selected immediately for the role of an AWS Solutions Architect if you possess the Amazon AWS Certification certification. The employers are waiting to hire skilled Solutions Architects so they can resolve architecture-related problems. Also, this job role gives you the opportunity to earn $155k per year as rendered by ZipRecruiter.


It’s the best time to make your career and work on your goals by achieving the Amazon certification. Get started with the job roles that compliment your certificate and embark on the journey of a successful career in the IT sector. Also, make sure to align your career goals and make the most out of them by upgrading your designation for high positions in reputable firms.

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