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Top Best Android TV Apps You Should Try

Top Best Android TV Apps You Should Try

Are you using an Android TV in your home? These apps are worth a try

Television has made a significant leap in the last few years, isn’t it? When you step near the TV corner of any appliance store you will find it difficult to turn away. The massive, vibrant and crystal clear screens and the incredible audio of smart TVs do an excellent job of drawing you toward them, no matter what is playing at the time. There are a few Android TVs that are competing to grab your interest.

Offering a wide range of applications or services Android televisions have been widely accessible and affordable for the majority of the population. Therefore, if you own an Android TV in your house that is waiting to entertain your every night we’ve compiled a selection of the top infotainment and utility applications you can download on the device. Here are the top Android TV apps you ought to try


If you have an Android TV, how do you imagine missing the chance to watch Bridgerton, Queen’s Gambit, Money Heist, and other like thrilling and popular television shows on a large screen? Additionally, the newest movies coming to Netflix this month includes Hustle (starring Adam Sandler), Bohemian Rhapsody (a call to all Queen fans), The Grudge (for some thrills) and many more. We’re certain you won’t want to be missing any of the entertainment.


Spotify is definitely one of the most popular streaming music apps for free out there. Its Android interface also lets it be used to play music while you utilize other apps in the top of the list.

Youtube TV

If you’re someone who is inclined to cut cords and reducing your cable bill, then take a look at Youtube TV. The subscription it offers will grant you access to a variety of cable channels that are popular such as CNN, BBC News, FoxLife, ESPN, NBA TV, TNT, VH1 and more. Check out this article if you facing issues like YouTube tv is down.

Google Chrome

Android TV doesn’t come installed along with Google Chrome, which is an issue that is. However it appears that the Google Chrome Android app is reported to be working for use with an Android TV device. It isn’t necessary to get your phone at the time of a movie to determine the meaning of a term coined or the most recent movies are available to watch on OTT platforms or on their star cast. It is possible to directly connect to Google Chrome for all your questions from your smart TV by itself. You may need to install it on your side since it’s not available in the Android TV Play Store

Sideload Launcher

As we’re talking about sideloading applications on Android TV, we’ll additionally introduce the Sideload launcher application to you. If you want to sideload an unavailable application on Android TV the problem that you will face is the fact that it cannot be immediately accessible via your standard Android TV launcher. Here is it is that the Sideload Launcher app comes in. It allows you to launch all sideloaded apps that are available on Your Android TV.


Sling TV offers an array in live television channels in many different areas like news, sports entertainment, lifestyle, and more. You will be able to access channels such as CNBC, CNN, ESPN, Disney, Comedy Central and many more.


Hulu is considered to be among the most well-designed Android TV applications, and offers live TV as well as streaming content to its users. You can stream films, TV shows that are new, Hulu Originals, and plenty more on the Hulu platform.


The next item on our top Android TV applications list is Kodi it’s an open-source media player that is free. It helps you organize and manage your media files in one location. It also offers a broad variety of additional features that give you access to video on demand, live TV news, weather updates, news and more.

Haystack News

If you’re not satisfied by the streaming news services provided by the pre-installed apps for your Android TV and you want to try out Haystack. It is a news source that includes the major news channels like BBC News, CBS, and many more, based on your preferences and viewing habits.


Plex is another well-known multimedia application that is able to be used to cast television and movies on all devices in your home. It offers a nice and user-friendly interface. You can download movie subtitles, metadata as well as the artwork of ratings automatically.

Wake On LAN

Wake on LAN is claimed to be the sole Android TV application that can get your computer to start up. It’s a great application when you’re using applications such as Plex and Kodi in the Android TV, which utilize the computer to act as host to store content. It wakes your PC by transmitting an alert via the internet in the event that it is discovered that the Plex server is asleep.

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