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Top Advice on the Branding of Your Company

In the digital age of social networks and mass communications, classic marketing is not sufficiently effective in creating and promoting a brand, especially when it comes to startups. After all, the consumer does not want to accept the legend invented by marketers. He wants to become part of the brand’s history. 

The Basis for Marketing Is the Creation of a Brand

What is at the heart of the business and success of each brand (namely, the brand, not the company)?

  1. The correct definition of your place in the market.
  2. Proxies for brand protection.
  3. Selection of the target audience.
  4. Correct assessment of the business and highlighting of the brand’s strengths.
  5. Selected visual images — logo, fonts, colors.
  6. A pleasant sound — the brand’s name should caress the ear and be easily recognizable.
  7. Defining a market niche.

You will have to answer how you see the trademark in a year, 5, or 10 years. What goods and services will stand behind it? A good example is the Samsung label, which produces mobile electronics, microcircuits, and cars.

Research the products or services of the companies with which you will have to compete. It is necessary to understand which channels are used to promote the brand and how competitors differ from each other.

After all, a trademark is not created for its owners but for end users. And the better the niche is studied, the less likely it is to fail. It’s like planning a hiking trip: first, you need to decide on the route, and only then — on the equipment. Otherwise, you will end up with swimming trunks and a sun lounger before climbing Mont Blanc.

Selection of the target audience

You need to have a good idea of ​​the portrait of an average client:

  1. Is it male or female?
  2. Under 30 or over 50?
  3. How do they dress?
  4. What are they interested in?
  5. What kind of lifestyle do they lead?

The more accurate the description, the greater the chance to guess what the consumer needs and how it can be attracted. Therefore, it is worth avoiding “simple solutions” and depriving the client of individuality. After all, the product or service of your brand will be suitable for everyone and no one at the same time.

Creation of visual and auditory images of the brand

You can scroll through classic marketing textbooks for a long time, but it will be much more useful to pay attention to a few facts.

First, don’t be afraid to use complex fonts and brand logos, unless you’re going to be sending out hundreds of faxes an hour. Despite the archaic nature, many continue to design facsimile logos and choose the simplest fonts.

But it is already the 21st century, fax has long been replaced by e-mail and accounts in social networks, where brightness and color are appreciated. It’s okay if your logo is as colorful as Microsoft and as complex as Disney.

Yes, the startup often does not have enough money for the expensive services of marketers, and then the management dares to do everything on its own.

Consider: now, every person on the planet is both a consumer and a reviewer. He is a photographer and a model at the same time, and a publisher and a reader. And today, the consumer is not separated from the brand but is part of it. The label should stand next to the client and develop together with him.

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