Top advantages of switching from G-Suite to Office 365

Whether you’re a startup using Google G Suite tools that have grown organically with your business, or a large organization looking for other storage, collaboration, and productivity options, Microsoft Office has the answer. There may be but how do you know if it’s the right choice for you and your business?

If you’re new to Google Suite or Microsoft Office, it can be difficult to determine which productivity suite has the features your business needs, such as email, productivity tools, and storage services.

If you’re already considering a move, or just need information, here are the top reasons why to Migrate Google Workspace to Office 365 if you are already using G-suite or vice versa which will give your business insight and room to grow its needs.


A robust alternative G Suite

G Suite may seem easy to set up and use, but Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful, feature-rich alternative to Google’s G Suite, offering a wide range of capabilities to users. These features include email, calendar, and contact integration, offline email access, setting rules for navigating email, managing and accessing mailboxes as an administrator, and user email Including email management (such as email messages).


Scaling up Microsoft Office overtime

Microsoft Office is a flexible, scalable, cloud-based solution that’s perfect for your growing business. But what does that mean? Cloud-based software is scalable, especially compared to traditional on-premises systems. Plus, Office 365 has built-in integration with Azure, making it ideal for scaling on demand.

When you move to Office 365, you move to a powerful feature set that supports both advanced business and productivity tasks, and the larger data needs of your growing team. With less administration, you get the power you need to keep your business running at all times.


SharePoint to keep your files and data secure

Microsoft Office provides structured and secure file storage and sharing service called SharePoint. You may be familiar with Google Drive, but unlike SharePoint, it doesn’t offer structured file storage or direct file recovery, so you risk losing important documents and data when sharing between multiple users. there is. SharePoint is a robust document management system that lets you secure shared files in a central, secure, cloud-based location. As you save your data in SharePoint, Microsoft offers Hosted Cloud Virtual Desktop which let you and your organization’s members collaborate securely and simultaneously.


Utilize productivity services offline

Every business needs a reliable, scalable, secure email, document, and data infrastructure, but most importantly, one that provides the convenience of working from anywhere.

With the desktop equivalent of Office 365, you can access all key Microsoft apps and services without needing access to a web browser or a reliable internet connection. This keeps your team productive wherever they are, working online or offline.




Authorized Hosting and migration assistant providers such as Apps4Rent can help you to understand the difference between Microsoft and G-Suite by combining your business needs with expert migration support. These Providers are experts in providing services like Azure Data Backup and help to avoid issues that plague other migrations.


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