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Top 9 Trade Show Exhibit Rental Companies in Las Vegas

Top 9 Trade Show Exhibit Rental Companies in Las Vegas

If you have been to Las Vegas ever before, we are sure you would have been amazed by its energy, creativity, and vibes. As more and more trade shows keep happening in Las Vegas, people now call it the capital of trade shows.

When you are exhibiting at trade shows and conferences, there are so many tips and checklist to keep in mind. But above that all, if there’s something that matters even more is choosing the right trade show exhibit rental companies in Las Vegas.

And with so much chaos around, it becomes difficult to choose the best trade show rental company in Las Vegas.

The good news is we’ve got you covered! Our team of experts have specially curated this list for you to make your life easier!

So, let’s get started.

9 Top Trade Show Booth Rental Companies in Las Vegas

Skim all the options provided below to find out the best trade show rental companies in Las Vegas and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.


1. Pure Exhibits

When it comes to top trade show rental companies in Las Vegas, Pure Exhibits is the first name we can think of!

With the experience they hold in the industry, they are well known for their customizable, fixed-price exhibits. Whatever your requirements are – be it pre-designed booths or customization – you can get it done from Pure Exhibits so that you can be stress-free and focus on your business.

What’s the best part? They guarantee a pre-built design and on-time booth completion for rentals. Leverage the expertise of their team of specialists who are always there to support you throughout.

What’s even better? It is an end-to-end rental booth service so that your trade show marketing requirements are taken care of. You can get 10*10, 10*20, 20*20, 20*30, 20*40 and 30*30 booth sizes available at rental prices.

Hire Pure Exhibits if you want everything to be done by one partner – starting from designing, building the exhibit to post show dismantling of the booth.

2. Exponents

The next on the list is Exponent. The best part about Exponent is that you can customize your trade show booth design according to your requirements.

With Exponents, you can find a variety of booth sizes starting from 10*10 to 50*50.

Whether you want a liner booth, perimeter booth, peninsula booth, or island booth, Exponents can provide it all. In addition to renting, you can explore buying options with Exponents.

3. Pro Exhibits

Pro Exhibit is known for its international trade show management capabilities in Las Vegas. If you want to wow your company with something new, you can leverage their mobile environment and program management services.

Plus, they can also design, plan, manage, and market corporate events for your organization, with over thirty years of experience in the industry.

Feel free to explore their home page and portfolio and see if they see a good fit for your requirements.

4. Aplus Expo

Whether you want to purchase a booth, rent it, or want to have something in between – Aplus Expo can help you with that!

This trade show marketing company claims to be results-oriented and highly responsible.

If you have exclusive requirements for your trade show booths, like 3D rendering and concept visualization, you can count on Aplus Expo. Moreover, you can also choose to get separate and specific trade show services like transportation & logistics, audio-visual equipment rental, and project management.

5. Metro Exhibits

Do you have too many events and trade shows to manage and are looking for an event/inventory management company? Metro Exhibits can be your solution.

They help organizations manage the ordering, shipping, maintenance, equipment storage, collateral, and promotional items, as well as all event arrangements and bookings.

Be it your trade shows, corporate events, conferences, or community events, Metro exhibits can help you do that all with their services.

6. Expo Marketing


The next quite amazing trade show rental exhibit company we found in Las Vegas is Expo Marketing. If you are confused about which option would be better for you: purchasing a booth or renting it – experts at Expo Marketing can help you find a perfect exhibition solution that is a perfect match with your requirements.

The company offers custom trade show displays for purchase or rent, backlit trade show displays, shipping container displays, inline booths, island booths, double deck booths, pop-up displays, modular trade show displays and lightboxes.

7. Las Vegas Exhibit Rental

Las Vegas Exhibit Rental is a partner company of Metro Exhibits and provides full event servicing in Las Vegas. Whether you have a small size project or a bigger one – Las Vegas Exhibit Rental can do it for you!

The best part is they supply furniture rentals, digital monitors, graphics, promotional giveaways, banners, overhanging displays, panels, backdrops, portable displays and more to facilitate your overall trade show marketing requirements.

Think of any exhibit services like creative trade show exhibit designs, fabrications, booth graphics, floor management, custom design rendering, custom carpentry, media displays, speciality flags, and literature racks – Las Vegas Exhibit Rental will have a solution for that!

8. LV Exhibit Rentals

LV Exhibit Rentals has a similar name to the previous listing, but let us tell you that these are two different companies that cater to the Las Vegas area for trade show exhibits.

One factor that makes LV Exhibit Rental unique is its signature products like Arc de Triomphe, The Pixel Passage, The Orb, The Horse, The Digital Dreamcatcher, Tesseract 2.5 Plus H-55 Tiles, LEDline Trim Lighting and LED Reception Counter.

Other than these, you can avail of rental furniture, video walls, audio-visual, and digital signage for counters/kiosks and conference rooms.

The best part is that they have exhibit sizes of 20*50, 30*30, 30*40, 30*50, 40*40, 40*60, 50*50, and 70*50, allowing you to represent your brand with bigger space.

9. Trade Show Exhibit Co.

Last but not least on the list is Trade Show Exhibit Co. The company provides full-service trade show booth design and construction along with innovative and custom design work.

Their service range includes booth installation and dismantling, custom designs, creative marketing, rental fabrication, graphics printing and exhibit storage.

Are You Ready to Build Your Next Success Rental Booth in Las Vegas?

We hope this guide about top trade show booth rental companies in Las Vegas has helped you find the one that matches your unique requirements.

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