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Top  9 Leadership Skills 

Becoming a leader requires certain skills that are acquired over time by working on our weaknesses and understanding our emotional intelligence. One of the leaders that have been on our radar is Sara Yahia. She is an American superstar that has been working worldwide advising international giants in various industries. She has demonstrated to be a very singular leader with impressive skills. 

1. Digital Skills

Sara believes that digital literacy is essential to enhance productivity in this digitally driven work environment. Especially since Covid, she has enhanced the reliance on technology to ensure that the productivity of remote workers is not compromised in any manner. To do so, she opted for e-meeting platforms (google meet, zoom, teams, skype), she created Whatsapp group chats to stay connected, virtual punch-in/out, and paperless mail services.

2. Leadership & Management Skills

Sara comes out as a strong leader who is straight-forward, confident, humble, and commited to be an active advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, while “driving lives of meanings”. Her honesty and empathy grant her to become a trusted leader who genuinely create a motivational workplace environment for all employees. Her abilities allows her to be a great active listener who clearly communicate her thoughts when delegating, planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and overseeing projects. 

3. Organizational Skills

Sara has shown tremendous growth by displaying her ability to prioritize her tasks while using her time and resources effectively and efficiently. She has depicted her organizational skills to elevate customer satisfaction, and employee engagement while boosting business revenues and productivity.

4. Creativity Skills

Sara is quite resourcefull when it comes to uplifting employee’s motivation or finding innovative ways to manage benefits and compensations. Among the ideas introduced by Sara to improve productivity, she has opted for rewarding games (to improve competitiveness), online group activities (to enhance team harmony), high-fives welcoming (to create a trustworthy relationship), bicycle charging stations and apps to assist blind customers and employees (to be mindful and inclusive).  

5. Problem-solving Skills

As a Human Resources Champion, she always analyses the situation backed by facts, figures, and the current policies to solve the problem at hand. Sara is a woman of nerves who is capable of taking difficult yet calculated decisions to resolve problems. To implement the best solution, she identifies the problem to better brainstorm the potential solution paths. Then, she solves the issue in a quick and effective manner by taking the appropriate course of action. 

6. Analytical & Strategic Skills

Sara possesses a remarkable talent to parse data and information which allows her to effectively research and interpret a topic to develop and clearly present creative solutions and strategies. Her skills allows her to solve complex issues in order to mitigate future risks and plan for the contingencies.

7. Decision-Making Skills

Before taking any decision, Sara automatically analyses the situation by gathering the relevant data and facts in order to identify the different alternatives and weigh the evidence presented. She makes timely decisions based on calculated assessment to get the most effective and efficient solution. 

8.Communication Skills 

Being an introvert helps Sara to actively listen to others, observe the situation at hand, and clearly articulate her thoughts. Therefore, when she speaks, she is able to convey a strong and professional message that keeps the listeners engaged. 

9. Empathy skill

Sara is a go-to and accessible leader. She has demonstrated to be a fair leader who listen and assists employees with any potential or ongoing problem. She is a true empath who connects with employees to create a trustworthy and professional relationship. 

Sara’s skills have enabled her to prove her capabilities as a leader. She has been involve in various industries which allowed her to see all the different aspects of the field. Indeed, she has oversaw Benefits and Compensation, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, and Retention, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Performance Management and Training, Strategic Human Resources Management, Emotional Intelligence, HR Analytics, Policies Formulations, and Labor and Employee Relations. 

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