Top 9 Facts About KSBtech

There are many things to know about KSBtech but what soon follows are 9 of the most popular ones:

1). Trades on Multiple Digital Assets

These digital assets include gift cards like Nordstrom, Steam, Sephora and more, or cryptocurrencies particularly Bitcoin, USDT, BUSD and more. Simply visit the KSBtech website and create an account on it.  Then navigate to the appropriate section to carry out a transaction.

2). KSBtech Has a Cool App

This app is available on Google Play Store and on Apple Store. Users have the option of using the website or the app depending on what seems more convenient at a given time. You’ll find the links to download the app when you visit the website.

3).  Built For the People

The KSBtech team comprises people who love to help people. From user experience, the team is pretty accessible, especially on Whatsapp. It is worth mentioning that the app’s interior is seamless and makes for an interesting user experience.

4). Multiple Means of Payments

Though principally built for Nigerians, and Naira seems to be the major means of doing business with KSBtech, the company can accept payments in various cryptocurrencies and other forms of digital assets.

5).  Multiple Means of Settlement

Just like above, the company pays out principally in Naira and relevant currencies as well. As long as a user brings a mutually favourable deal to KSBtech, they are guaranteed good business.

6). Seasonal Giveaways

The management of KSBtech seems to be big on win-win for both customers and the brand. With that in mind, at the right seasons, the brand gives back to its loyal users and the community in various capacities. Christmas, Salah, Easter, Independence Day, Lovers’ Day, and Womens Day are some of the great times you should increase your transactions on the platform. You could become a lucky beneficiary.

7). Sizeable Community of Users

Almost 10,000 people like you currently use the KSBtech platform for the buying and selling of gift cards. This number is distributed between the android version of the app, the iOS version of the app and the website.

8). Led By Veterans

The company has been around for around 4 years now. But What’s more impressive is that KSBtech’s team constantly seeks out and works with the very best there is out there. From customer support to account management to product development, KSBtech is synonymous with quality which has been the founder’s hallmark.

9). More is Cooking

The KSBtech team are strong believers in innovation and diversification. From time to time, the team looks out for what’s making waves in the streets, and brings innovative twists to it.

So there you have it. Nine facts about KSBtech and perhaps why you might want to give the brand a shot right now. And when you do, head straight to Google or Apple Stores to leave a review if your experience which we know will turn out great!

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