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Top 8 Things To Consider Before Hiring Event Management and AV Production Services

In the event management process, hiring the right event management service provider is of great importance to make the event successful. Your potential event management and production av company should be capable of performing all functions in the best possible ways.

For choosing the right company, there are multiple factors that you need to consider. In this post, we are discussing the principal elements in this regard so that you can have the best event management experience.

Factors To Consider While Hiring Event Management and AV Production Services

If you have all the skills and equipment within your business, managing your events on your own will be vital. But it’s a fact that most businesses prefer to outsource their events to get the best results. If you are also one of them, here are 8 essential factors to consider while hiring an event management company.

1.      Structure Cost

Understanding what you will pay and what you will get in reward is the foundation of any decision-making process. In this regard, you must ask your potential production and event management service provider about their cost structure.

People use hundreds of tricks to hide the inflation in their prices, so asking the right questions can help. Whether they charge hourly or on a cost-plus basis? And, if they will charge hourly, how will their management fee work?

In addition, you must compare the prices of different service providers to make informed decisions and get budget-friendly services.

2.      Tools and Equipment

In the hiring process of event management and audiovisual production company, it is vital to know about the deliverables. In this respect, you can ask the potential service providers about providing rendering, 3D models of signage and staging, layouts, CAD drawings, etc., throughout the process.

These are must-ask questions before signing a contract. The availability of such tools and visual aids can help every entity involved, including planners, decision-makers, and executives.

Another aspect is the ownership of the required tools and equipment. It has been seen that most of the product and event management companies rent out some equipment from third parties. This practice can increase event management costs.

Therefore, ensure that the service provider you are contracting with should have ownership of all the required production and event management tools.

3.      Crew Experience

In making an event successful, you cannot ignore the role of the crew’s experience. If your hired service provider has inexperienced members in their event management crew, your event can face issues. They must have an understanding of what they have to do in a particular situation.

Production av and event management companies often hire part-time workers to deal with different events. They do so to save transportation costs and engage the local people. More specifically, when events are out of the station. There might be no issues with this aspect if you organize a random event that does not require specific expertise. However, if your event does so, hire a service provider with an experienced crew.

4.      Emergency Course of Action

Tragedies can happen at any time, and their events can also be affected. A crisis may come in the form of natural disasters like earthquakes and fire or the state of acts of terror. While planning an event, there must be a plan to deal with such inevitable circumstances.

In this regard, you must ask your potential service provider about the protocols that will be enforced in such circumstances.

5.      Mode of Rehearsal

For the proper execution at the time of the event, it is essential to practice all of the actions and check that all the equipment is working properly. It always helps in avoiding any last-minute surprises.

According to event management experts, rehearsals allow you to ensure that all equipment is working correctly, all presentations are formatted rightly, and the event will proceed well. Therefore, you must ask your potential service providers in this respect.

6.      Yet To Try Ideas

Don’t you yet know about the management of your company’s upcoming event? You can ask your potential service providers about the ideas they have not yet tried.

Doing so will help you get multiple innovative event plans. It will also let you know about the creativity level of the respective service providers. On top of that, it opens up new channels of creativity and makes the experience of creators, planners, and attendees fun in every aspect.

7.      Setup Time

Planners must know how long it will take to prepare the venue. Consideration of the setup time is also important as you require to withhold the respective space for that much time. However, it may vary based on your event’s size, intricacy, and scope.

It has often been seen that planners get out of time and race through to meet the deadline, which increases the costs and may lead to last-minute fire drills.

So, hire a company that can anticipate the setup time accurately, along with caring about the people’s basic needs.

8.      Reputation In the Market

Credibility and reputation in the market are of great importance. Though it is not difficult to check the credibility of service providers, many service providers try to fake their success stories to attract customers.

You must be aware of this aspect and always look for feedback platforms where companies can not fake out reviews in their favor. In addition, you can check out their social media accounts and get feedback from other users to know what other people think about that particular service provider.

To check their credibility and reputation in the market, you may ask them to provide contacts to their past clients so you can know about their credibility and get feedback regarding their services.


The key behind the success of any event is the event management team. The more efficient and well-equipped event management and AV Production team you hire, your event will be more successful.

Considering the factors mentioned earlier before hiring such a company will surely benefit you by making your events memorable and cost-efficient.

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