Top 8 Tech Career Pathways That Are Easy To Get Into

With the entrance of technology into the world, more and more jobs are emerging in this field.

But now you will be wondering how a person who is studying can easily land a job, as most of them require a degree.

But currently, it’s not true, as time has taken a turn. Now you don’t require a degree to get a job; you only need to learn some skills, and you are good to go.

People have now realized that not everyone can be good at studying. Thus, arm yourself with a skill that you are passionate about because the digital industries are looking for smart and intelligent tech freaks.

Moreover, students can now study and earn side by side due to this beneficial change. And if you are seeking a tech career path that requires a little expertise, then read below. We have gathered a list of jobs that can become the starting point of your career journey.

Kickstart Your Professional Journey: Explore 8 Best Tech Career Paths You Can Effortlessly Dive Into

Whether you have begun your career exploration or looking for a new role, the tech industry always has plenty of opportunities waiting for you.

But there are two requirements that you must possess; a dedicated skillset and a well-crafted CV. First, find your interests and then learn and practice accordingly to become proficient at any technology.

Other than that, a resume works as a ticket to your desired professional destination. Therefore, it must be created with a thorough research and compelling writing style. For this purpose, you can also take assistance from various online cv writing new zealand sites. They will provide you with a winning resume and can also help you with your interview.

When you equip yourself with both of the above necessities, then it is time to search for a position related to them. Below are some of the tech jobs that you can consider.

Web Editor

If you have exceptional writing and designing skills, then you can opt for this role.

In this position, your duty will be to:

  • Create and review content like email, social media, and website posts
  • Look over the flow of the production and publishing of web content and ensure that deadlines are being met
  • Proofreading the produced content
  • Write and review the content written by them or the team
  • Work with the design department and check content style and presentation

Thus, if you can manage content well, then apply for this role. It would be helpful if you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS or design and editing software.

Content Marketing Manager

Are you willing to be in charge of content marketing?

If yes, then try to become an expert on the below responsibilities.

  • Compose and execute the marketing strategy of the company
  • Generate articles, blogs, and graphics or videos
  • Examine the web traffic and suggest ways to increase it
  • Work closely with the social media manager to ensure the message is effectively delivered on various platforms
  • Help partners in the content composition of their websites
  • Assist the team with providing best practices

As it’s a managing position, thus, your duties would be a little more challenging. It will be great if you have a relevant degree. Moreover, it is essential to add the expertise of managing web content and social platforms knowledge in the CV writings. Furthermore, this position is suggested to those who are looking to jump from their previous job, as it requires some related work experience.

Digital Marketing Manager

If digital marketing is your thing and you are furnished with a bit of experience in this field, then choose this tech career path.

Moreover, it’s a senior-level job, so it requires more skills and knowledge. If you can perfectly carry out the below responsibilities, then you can be a great fit for this position.

  • Keep an eye on the digital marketing of a company.
  • Look over the customer-facing digital presence of a company, like social media pages, websites, and advertisements.
  • Responsible for leveling up customer loyalty, brand awareness, and sales of products and services
  • Stay updated with new technology and platforms changes and evaluate them for new marketing practices

If you are aiming for this role, you must have a relatable degree and past work experience in the digital marketing field. Moreover, it is essential to arm yourself with experience in SEO, Marketing, social media, advertisements, and their tools.

Data Analyst

Does playing with data is like a walk in the park for you?

Then, this role will suit you perfectly, as you will be doing the below tasks.

  • Organize and clarify bulks of data to make it understandable for others and help in decision-making.
  • Oversee data for the company’s improvement.
  • Gather and identify data with the help of statistical tests and explore trends that can impact the performance of the company.
  • Work in a team to enhance the testing processes.

This position is all about organizing and using data for the benefit of the company. Thus, if you think you can excel in the above duties, go for it. Moreover, if you examine the top resume of a data analyst, you will notice the requirement for knowledge of data analytics and visualization tools. Furthermore, you must have the programming know-how and a grip on the algorithms of statistics and machine learning.

Graphic Designer

People with creative minds and design skills can be a good match for this position.

If you want to enter this field, you must stay updated with the latest innovations. As a graphic designer, it is compulsory to have the beneath expertise.

  • Compose all interacting digital and print assets like web pages, posts, logos, magazine covers, and promotions.
  • Communicate with the clients to get an idea about the requirements
  • Overlook the designing process and make changes in case of errors and check if it meets the company’s interest
  • Use various tools and software for designing and crafting, like Adobe, Canva or Photoshop, etc

Graphic designing is an always-changing field that requires continuous learning. Thus, if you are willing to do that, then head towards this role. For this position, it is required to have a portfolio of your work and a strong understanding of illustration and design software.

Community Manager

Own excellent interpersonal and marketing skills?

Become a community manager. As it’s an era of social media, therefore, it is vital to use it for the company’s benefit as well. This role works as a link between customers and the business. Thus, it performs the below duties.

  • Responsible for the alignment of marketing strategies with social media
  • Respond to customer’s comments, direct messages, and reviews regularly
  • Resolve the customer’s problems by communicating with the internal team
  • Create engaging content and graphics for social media platforms
  • Help to build customer relationships and increase brand awareness while staying updated with trends

If you are interested in this job, you must have good communication, problem-solving, and writing skills. If you want to compose a top CV that stands out among others, then make sure you incorporate the interest and experience related to the above responsibilities. You must know how to handle communities and generate traffic from them to the website.

Cybersecurity Analyst

With the increase of technology, people can access or publish any kind of information that can be harmful as well.

That’s where this role enters the scene. If you are familiar with cybersecurity and have a know-how of the beneath responsibilities, then you can do this job with quite ease.

  • Examine the risk to the organization’s digital security and give suggestions to eliminate the threats.
  • Evaluate the security of networks and the devices linked with them
  • Create Protocols for employee’s safe use and respond to prevent any harm
  • Reduce the chance of attack by composing responses for the receiving threats
  • Work with the team for the organization’s protection against any external threat

If you a tech freak, then you can successfully work in this role. This position requires a relevant degree and reliable experience, as it’s all about security. You must have a good understanding of security technologies and knowledge of ethical hacking, network security, and their techniques.

Computer Programmer

Programming is one of the most difficult subjects, according to most students.

But if you are good at it, then this position is a great option for starting your professional journey. If we are talking about top tech career paths, then we can’t miss it. So without more delay, let’s see what you have to practice if you want to become a computer programmer.

  • Craft and experiment codes using a number of computer languages like Java, C#, and more
  • Instruct computers to provide valuable results
  • Give a response if the error notifications pop up in the programs
  • Collaborate with managers, end-users, and IT staff of the company to create, maintain, and test computer program
  • Detect malfunctioning code and recompose the programs

This position requires a lot of technical work. Thus, it requires a relevant degree and programming experience. You must own knowledge of computer languages, troubleshooting, and many other aspects of this field.


As technology is stepping into our world day by day, it’s essential to incorporate it into our lives and benefit from it.

We have gathered and made a list of all the top tech career paths that you can easily learn about and get into. Thus, now if you want to work in a growing tech industry, then learn the above skills and dive into any of these fields. But ensure to do your research work properly and practice as much as possible.

Furthermore, it is essential to do that makes you happy. Thus, you can also choose other professional fields too. But if you think technology is what you are good at, then all these career paths will work perfectly for you. Keep exploring and growing until you reach your dream job.

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