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Top 7 Ways AI Impacted Photo Editing Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been changing the way of photo editing services providers in terms of creating the best images. AI has made it faster, easier and better photo editing practices for editors. Thanks to the technological advancements in machine learning like exposure correction, and smart color application, AI and ML together are changing the game of image editing by minimizing the chances of errors. With the newer technologies emerging in the market, it is hard for editors to pick one for getting the best quality photos. Editing photos requires patience, time, skills, and proper technique to get the desired output. In this blog, we are going to discuss how Artificial Intelligence has impacted photo editing services.

Role of AI in Photo Editing Services

AI is revolutionizing the photography and the editing industry a lot in the past few years. Starting from AI-enabled features in cameras to editing techniques, it helps the photographers and editors to create the best out of the raw photos. Now let’s get started with the popular AI-enabled techniques used by photographers and editors to create the best photos in no time.

1. Selecting Perfect Photos

Before an editor starts editing the photos, he has to choose the best shot photos which are known as the culling process. Sometimes the culling process becomes intensive and hectic as editors need to check hundreds of photos which can cause burnout. AI in this situation can do the photo selection procedure in much less time by avoiding human error. For instance, the feature of best photos in Lightroom CC in Adobe automatically identifies the best shot from a series of similar photos.

2. Upscaling Low-Resolution Images

The standard procedure for most editors is using photoshop for upscaling low-resolution images into higher-resolution photos. Photoshop uses basic algorithms while increasing the image size. Photoshop needs more editing skills to make the image look perfect. On the other hand, AI creates great upscale photos in higher resolution faster than ever which has helped in creating good quality photos in mass production.

3. Replacing Backgrounds

Before the intervention of Ai, replacing the background in the images was a time-consuming and hectic task that required an informed, skilled approach. However, with the help of AI-enabled tools and software, isolating subjects and replacing the background happens faster than ever. E-commerce companies have to customize their product photos for different promotions and retailers in bulk with ease with AI. Hence, replacing background in images with AI has become one of the most popular trends in photo editing services.

4. Automatic Masking

Earlier, masking the image while doing selective editing and replacing background seems to be tedious and time-consuming especially when it comes to multiple subjects. Manual masking requires a lot of accuracies. An accident masking beyond the target area can damage the photo. Nowadays, with different AI-enabled software, it becomes easier for photo editing services providers to make the automatic masking within seconds.

5. Adjusting Color and Exposure

AI-powered tools and software are well-known for adjusting the contrasts, colors, and exposures of photographs. Different programs offer a variety of options like Enhance AI which enhances the quality of the image within a single click. It becomes handy for photo editing services that have huge volumes of photos that need to be edited daily. It helps in choosing the best adjustment required for each photo.

6. Zoom and Enhance

Zoom and enhance programs are still unused by many photo editing services companies. These programs help in refining lower-quality photos to create higher-resolution images. They are also used in restoring older pictures. Old printouts and negatives can also be scanned on a digital device and can be turned into better-quality images with enhancement software. AI enhancement of Adobe is well-known for converting pixelated photos to high-quality photos. The CNN tool (Convolutional Neural Network) is an AI-powered tool that helps in picture enhancement and recognition in a way that the diverse photos become identifiable.

7. Sky Replacement

Sky replacement is considered one of the most popular features of AI-enabled photo editing software. There are many tools like sky-swapping in Skylum’s Luminar that identifies the image and replaces the sky within a few seconds. Apart from that, you can also adjust the contrast and brightness of the sky and can relight the entire scene so that it can match the new sky’s lighting and color. Photo editing services have become easier with this AI-enabled software because it is easy, super fast, and enables a lot of features in editing.

Summing Up

As we discussed above, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entirely expedited the process of photo editing services and enhanced the productivity of editors in general. However, along with the creativity of the editors and photographers, if AI-enabled tools are used efficiently, then it can save a lot of time for the editors and they can experiment with their creative field in developing awestruck photos.

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