Top 7 Disney Plus Movie Available For Kids In 2022

Whether you’re a lifelong Disney fan or not, there’s no doubting that Disney+ is one of the finest ways to keep the kids entertained. Disney’s curation includes entries from the company’s animation vault, as well as a few live-action selections Packed with heartwarming flicks from both old and new eras. Additionally, as a result of Disney’s purchases, from Marvel to 21st Century Fox, the platform now features a variety of kid-friendly material from these studios. To assist you in selecting a wonderful film for the entire family to watch together, we’ve compiled this list of the finest children’s movies available. 

The Mouse House is brimming with excellent movies. Following the purchases of Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, Lucasfilm, HBO Max TV, and 20th Century Fox, Disney’s archives are the envy of its rivals – a treasure trove of nostalgic childhood favorites and newer crowd-pleasing films. Even though Disney+ is the most family-friendly main streaming service, do not be deceived. There is plenty for viewers of all ages, not just parents and children, to watch on their next movie night. Disney Plus’s expansive world is now available for viewing.

However, where do you begin traversing this maze of titles? For those of us who grew up thinking that any Disney film could be dragged back into the legendary “Disney Vault” at any time, the sheer access of all these films can be daunting. Fear not, the Decider’s guide to Disney+ is nowhere! We’re here to assist you in navigating the platform’s vast selection and selecting the cream of the crop for your amusement, whether it’s an old favorite or an overlooked gem. Join Disney+ today by visiting the login/begin page, creating your account, and enjoying the movies you dreamed of.

Buck Wild’s Ice Age Adventures

This latest edition in the renowned Ice Age franchise centers on Crash and Eddie’s adventure-seeking possums and the one-eyed weasel Buck Wild. They must come together to save the Lost World after being trapped in a vast tunnel filled with dinosaurs. This is a no-brainer if you have a small child enthralled with everything prehistoric.

The New Emperor’s Groove

It bears all the hallmarks of a new Disney Channel original animated classic, but The Emperor’s New Groove takes an unexpected turn. With its ludicrous antics, irreverent humor, and cynical protagonist, filmmaker Mark Dindal establishes a frequency that is both infantile and intelligent. David Spade’s self-deprecating act as a self-centered emperor forced him to learn humility after being transformed into a llama appeal to audiences of all ages.

Wimpy Kid’s Diary

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is based on Jeff Kinney’s best-selling series about a scrawny youngster named Greg Heffley who has an imaginary friend and a scheme to become wealthy and famous. However, he must first complete middle school. He chronicles his odd (and amusing) attempts to fit in the eponymous diary. Additionally, there are some lessons learned along the way about friendship and sticking up for what is right.

The Spirit

On the surface, Pixar’s Soul contains enough absurdity and simplicity to earn a PG certificate. However, make no mistake: this film is tailored squarely toward the adult brain. Pete Docter and Kemp Powers use all of the animation’s fanciful talents to get to the heart of what it means to live a purposeful and passionate life. They take us in unexpected and astonishing directions.

Terrifying Tales from the LEGO Star Wars Universe (2021)

The LEGO series is known for its lighthearted parodies of popular culture, and this Halloween special is no exception. Poe Dameron and BB-8 travel to the volcanic planet Mustafar, home to Darth Vader’s castle, which is now supposedly the Galaxy’s first luxury hotel for Sith wishing to decompress from their day jobs villainy and crime. They meet Vaneé, Vader’s loyal servant, who tells them three creepy stories about some of the most legendary villains in the Star Wars universe.

Kelly Cadet

Who is to suggest that Disney+ is exclusively for children and families? With their whole collection of DCOMs (Orignal Disney Channel Movies) from the late ’90s and early ’00s, it’s a true millennial holy grail. Nothing compares to Cadet Kelly, in which Hilary Duff’s sophisticated city girl falls in love with enrolling in the military school where her new stepfather serves.

Visions of Star Wars

Star Wars Visions is a compilation of short animated films by various Japanese animation studios. Each team provides a distinct point of view to the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Both Akira Kurosawa’s works and Japanese mythology influenced George Lucas and the original Star Wars trilogy, making this combination a natural fit.

Aladdin’s Little Mermaid

If The Little Mermaid inaugurated an era dubbed the “Disney Renaissance,” this is their “The Birth of Venus.” It’s an excellent opportunity to introduce younger viewers to the concept of a Faustian pact, as mermaid Ariel sells her voice to the evil Ursula in exchange for the chance to become a human… and rock out to some true jams in the process. “Under the Sea,” a bop that has been confirmed.

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