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Top 6 Innovative Solutions that Will Accelerate Every Sales Team’s Performance

If there is a branch of an organization that consistently evolves and requires constant updates, it’s sales. And because the world of sales is ever-changing, the playbook teams use also continues to be rewritten. This calls for the use of innovative solutions that will boost sales teams’ performance — because growth in sales teams’ performance will directly affect organizational performance and revenue.

It’s a fact that top-performing sales professionals contribute up to 80% of an organization’s revenue. The problem comes when sales teams don’t have the tools and resources they need to maximize their ability to close deals. A range of issues can arise; whether it’s having cycle times that are too long, selling times that are too short, or even ramp times that are too long.

But these can all be prevented when sales teams can leverage the proper resources and tools to do what they do best: close deals. So, how can organizations empower sales teams with these much-needed resources? Here are the top 6 solutions that can boost every sales team’s performance:

Closing Deals Effectively

Whether it’s using emails or virtual meetings, every interaction with a potential customer counts. And Substrata aims to change the way sales professionals analyze and communicate with their prospects through its AI-powered sales intelligence platform. The company’s cutting-edge technology doesn’t just decode words; it deciphers the subtle nuances of human communication. Substrata merges deep learning, natural language processing, psychology, and more, innovating how sales professionals read between the lines and understand the emotions, dispositions, and unspoken cues that drive successful deals.

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Boosting Sales Skills

Upgrading sales teams’ skills and know-how is difficult when they only rely on virtual courses that don’t involve human interaction. But Growthspace stands out for its commitment to the power of human connections. This innovative platform boasts a global network comprising over 2,000 experts across diverse domains. But what truly sets the company apart is its unparalleled knack for pairing participants with mentors, coaches, and instructors. With a staggering 95% accuracy rate, Growthspace’s human-centric approach propels personal and professional development to new heights.

Accessing Sales Information on One Hub

Seismic boasts a centralized hub that empowers sales teams with the latest knowledge, personalized content, and global version control, ensuring maximum productivity. It equips marketing teams with instructional design software and content curation tools to create compelling content. And Seismic’s predictive content recommendation feature guides sales professionals with relevant content precisely when needed, making every interaction count.

Leveraging Automated Chatbots

Intercom’s Business Messenger harnesses the power of automated chatbots to streamline customer engagement precisely when they’re ready to make a purchase. These chatbots excel at handling initial interactions and gathering crucial information, ultimately delivering highly qualified leads directly to your human sales representatives. With GIF and emoji support for personalized chats, contextualized target messages, and over 100 integrations with other apps, Intercom empowers sales teams to work smarter, not harder, across multiple platforms.

Monitoring Competitors

Having the upper hand in competitive deals is non-negotiable. Crayon is a trusty competitive intelligence (CI) tool that equips sales representatives with the knowledge they need to secure victories. With real-time intelligence accessible right at their fingertips, sales reps can confidently address buyer inquiries about the competition. Its key benefits include the ability to track competitive win rates, CI-influenced revenue, and other crucial performance metrics. Plus, there are no constraints on the number of sales reps who can harness the power of Crayon, making it an invaluable asset for sales teams of all sizes.

Optimizing Workflows

Outreach is a sales engagement platform designed to empower your sales teams, creating an optimized pipeline that streamlines workflows and fosters more meaningful interactions. Outreach’s goal is clear: to drive more meetings, enhance engagement through comprehensive voice and email capabilities, and intelligently automate key processes. The Analytics and Reporting features provide invaluable insights, guiding sales reps on when to make those crucial calls and respond to prospects.

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