Top 6 Car Shipping Questions Answered

Car Shipping Questions Answered

Are you visiting another state for a few months? Perhaps you’re moving across the country for your job and need an auto-delivery service. There’s a myriad of reasons why you might have to ship your vehicle. If you haven’t done this before, you’re likely wondering where to find the most reliable car shipping companies and how to get the process started. 

Read on to find out the answers to the top six car shipping questions:

1) How Much Does It Cost? 

Car shipping costs generally depend on various factors, such as the size and condition of your vehicle. Larger vehicles tend to be more expensive because of their increased size and weight. If your car is also not in a drivable condition, this can also potentially increase the cost. 

Additionally, you need to factor in the traveling distance, time of year, and whether you’d like to use open or enclosed transport. You can expect the rate to run anywhere from approximately $500 (for a short cross-country transport) to about $1,500 (when moving to certain distances or states). 

2) Which Is Better: Open or Enclosed Auto Transport? 

Open car shipping is the most popular and cheapest type of auto transport service. Your chosen car shipping company will place your vehicle on an open carrier and drive it to the destination. This type of auto transport exposes your vehicle to the elements, though, making it vulnerable to damage. 

In contrast, an enclosed transport uses a covered, contained truck to move your vehicle. You can choose between a hard- or soft-shell truck. Although it costs more, enclosed transport fully protects your car.

3) How Can You Prepare Your Vehicle for Transportation? 

Once you’ve determined which type of car shipping solution is right for you, you need to do a few things before getting your car shipped. Start by preparing all the necessary documents. Then, you have to clean your car thoroughly. Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle. You don’t want to risk them getting damaged or discarded while in transit. Clean the car’s exterior as well to make it easier to ascertain its condition before transportation. Lastly, take some photographs before having it picked up for shipping. Damage is unlikely if you choose a quality transport company, but it never hurts to be ready and have some supporting evidence just in case. 

4) Is It Possible to Track My Car While in Transit?

 Yes. With the advent of GPS, many transport companies now offer a means to monitor your car during transport. Since satellite tracking is not cheap, it’s only commonly found in fleets of auto transport carriers. Some companies are just owner-operators who don’t have a GPS. In this case, you can track your vehicle by calling and asking the driver where they are instead. 

5) Do I Need to Get Personal Insurance? 

All auto transport companies are legally required to carry a federally mandated amount of liability or cargo insurance, so your car will be protected. If you want more protection, you can then add on your personal insurance. Don’t forget to ask your prospective transport company for proof of insurance before they pick up your vehicle. 

6) What Do I Do If My Car Sustains Damage During Transit? 

Any damage to your car during transport will have to be repaired. The cost will be covered by the transport company’s insurance. Upon pick-up, the driver will inspect the vehicle with you to assess its condition and document any prior damages, and this will be repeated after you receive your vehicle. This ensures that any new damages that have occurred during transport will be noted and distinguished from the original damages on the report. From there, the transport company’s insurance will take care of the rest.

Car shipping services have been around for quite some time. And yet, a lot of people still don’t know much about the process. Nevertheless, the key to moving your vehicle from one place to another is strategy. Do your research and work with a reputable auto transport company. You may start your due diligence by taking a look at reviews. Not only will the right carrier get your car to the right destination, but it will also get it there fast and undamaged. 

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