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Top 5 UK Most Popular Sports to Stream Live on TV

Sports to Stream Live on TV

When it comes to watching sports, the options are unlimited for the users based in the UK. From Mountain biking to tennis and more, you can enjoy your favourite live streaming by using any streaming platform like Discovery Plus, Paramount+, and more.

Are you wondering where to catch the best sports streams in the UK? You can watch the best sports streams on Discovery Plus UK. Don’t worry if you are from outside the UK. You can still catch sports live streams on Discovery Plus UK using a VPN.

Staying in the UK, the UK has some avid sports fans who ride or die for their favourite teams. So if you are curious about which sports are popular in the UK? Here are the top 5 Sports in the UK with a fan following.

Top 5 Most Popular Sports in the UK


Football is by far the most popular sport in the UK. Garnering not just a big fan following but also a famous football league known as the Premier League that consists of the top 20 football teams from all over the UK. Over 25 Million or 40% of the UK population are avid football fans.

Some fan favourite teams in the UK are Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. In the UK football is governed by the Football Association, which is currently presided over by Prince Williams. 92 football clubs from all over the UK compete annually in the two biggest football competitions, FA Cup and the Capital One Cup.


Cricket, the national sport of the UK, is the second most popular sport in the UK with over 16 Million fans. The sport first became popular in the UK in the 16th century and since then has garnered both a national team and 18 professional cricket clubs all over the UK.

Cricket in the UK is administered by the England and Wales Cricket Board which handles both the domestic and international championships for the teams. Some popular domestic cricket championships include the Royal London One-Day Cup and the T-20 Blast.


Rugby, another mainstream sport in the UK, has an estimated 12 Million fans. Rugby is currently popular with younger fans. In the UK Rugby has two governing boards, the Rugby Union and the Rugby League.

Although Rugby Union and Rugby League have their similarities they differ in the game rules and requirements. Rugby Union in the UK is responsible for promoting the game and training the players both domestically and Internationally on behalf of the UK. You can catch up with the live streams on platforms like Discovery Plus. Hulu. and others.


The most played sport in the UK, Golf currently has over 2400 registered golf clubs in Great Britain and Northern Ireland areas. Around 964,000 players in the UK play golf at least bi-monthly, and even more in some cases.

The Council of National Golf Unions, governs the golf-related activities in the UK. The UK hosts numerous golf tournaments, the most famous of which is the Challenge Cup which drives fans from all over the world to the UK.


Tennis, originally a popular participation sport in the UK has recently garnered attention from spectators. Wimbledon is the most popular tennis tournament in the UK, part of the four events of the ATP Tour, played in the UK since 1877. Hundreds and thousands of spectators from various countries visit the UK to watch Wimbledon.

Final Thoughts

Sports are great not only to maintain your physical health but also to destress even if you just participate as a spectator. The UK is home to some great sports championships which you can stream online via streaming platforms like Discovery+.

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