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Top 5 Tips to Increase the Bookings for In-Home Services


As per the recent research statistics, the economic value of the in-home services is continually increasing one and the percentage value from the forecast period 2019-2026 be 18.91% per year. Focusing on this specific growth, if you have an idea to launch the in-home services startup, then you can be initially familiar with services available in real-time. 

Besides, you also be familiar with the reasons for selecting an in-home service booking app for the services and the necessary features for more bookings. With the major aspect of providing services to the various residential homes, apartments, home care services are categorized right from landscaping to the roof. 

The availability of qualified professionals and seamless search options for the customer side are the major expectations in the home service industry. By launching a suitable In-home service startup, you can act as the perfect connecting medium for the service experts and the customers. 

In-Home Services-Big Revenue Platform for DIY Professionals 

Due to the number of residential homes and properties being developed, the demand for in-home services is also getting increased. Generally, the home services are the pool of the following series.

 Moving Services– One of the common services across all the countries and many of the customers who shift their residential home from one place to another frequently based on their works. Hence, this receives a huge demand of 82% from the customer sides. Carrying such demand via the movers and packers is the easy one if they partnered with the app for home services.

Pest Control Services- Due to the health-related issues for the home peoples from Pest are getting increased, it is necessary to control them and this gives the potential rise for the pest control services. The percentage value of the search is 75% before booking the right pest control experts.

Locksmith Services– None of the devices is observed to replace the qualified locksmiths available in the market. If they partnered with the booking app for in-home services, they will surely experience a wide range of economical benefits and earn global recognition for their work. The search percentage for these services is 73% as per the stats.

Appliance Repair- After the arrival of mobile applications, booking of the repairmen is an easy one for the customers and experiencing the convenient repair directly on the doorstep itself. The percentage of customers search for appliance services through internet platforms is 64% and hence the repairmen receive huge attention in the market.

Health care services – Healthcare plays a major role in this pandemic situation, and people are looking for experienced nurses and doctors. We aren’t able to reach the hospital for a regular checkup but with the on-demand health care booking app, we are able to bring the hospital to our home directly. The impact of the health care booking service is high in the market.

Beauty care services – Everyone loves to look good on a daily basis but we aren’t able to reach a beauty parlor on our busy schedule. This brought the beauty care professional booking service with the help of this app service, we can book the experienced beauticians directly from home and get the beauty care service at our doorstep. 

Major Constraints Behind the Use of Booking Application for In-Home Services 

Delay in service handling makes huge disruptions in the sustainability of the services in the market and causes the switch over into the other service providers easily. To stop this, the customized in-home service booking app is the preferable one. The further constraints for this app selection are shortly described as follows. 

Ensure Stable Connection-The connectivity among the service providers, service experts, and the customers is to be a stable one. Usually, the application comes up with the integrated options of chat, social that ensure a stable connection in a long-way. 

Instant Handling Complaints- The customer expected to carry the complaints instantly. The service experts who participated in the app use the GPS option to know the minimum distance to reach the customer’s location that reduces the time. 

Scale-up The Productivity- The occupation of the number of service experts is more means the compliant orders are increased one. periodical analysis of the number of orders with the service experts available must be easy for the service providers. Hence, they largely prefer the application rather than paper-based analysis. 

Top Five Tips to Increase the Bookings of Service Experts 

An increase in the number of bookings from the customer side is the only way to boost up the revenue of the entire home-care service business. The top tips for such an activity are described as follows. 

Aggregate Qualified Service Experts-Providing the visibility of the locally available DIY qualified professionals is the necessary one. The interactive template that shows the service peoples available based on their specialization allows the customers to pick them seamlessly. 

Tracking Options- It is necessary to track their current status of the service experts to do further planning. Alerting options are the required one in the application that helps to gather the service expert’s attention as soon as the new customer complaints arrive. 

Fit to Any Dimension-Scalable and customizable are the top-priority requirements for the participants involved in the business. Since the number of service people involved in this business is more, changing as per the demand is the most important one. 

Smart Payment Interfaces-The important feature in the application and this must be in a smart form. This allows the customers to pay their service charge via card/card less, third party payment apps by the seamless integration. 

Service Valuing Options- By partnering with the in-home services application, the qualified professionals surely get the rewards and promo-offers and this assures the retention of them in the long-term. 


In-home services are the evolving platform and also hold more number of participants to handle a wide range of complaints. It is necessary to identify why the services prefer an on-demand application to handle customer complaints. The top tips listed in this blog are the big resources for those who wish to launch the in-home service startup with more bookings. 

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