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Top 5 Tips to Increase Adsense CPC in 2020

In 2020, you can raise your CPC level. CPC means the price that advertisers have to pay for with one click on an ad that fits for their advertisements on their website, CPC is also called pay-per-click (PPC) sometimes. This is also nothing more than advertisers’ expenses on the one hand, and Google AdSense Publishers on the other.

You can claim AdSense CPC prices are based on the advertisers bidding for your site / blog (automatic and manual). They also have no absolute influence of the CPC levels, and you need to look at other areas that potentially lead to increasing the CPC rate.

Well you can simply increase your Adsense CPC in 2020 by following these proven tips

1) Do Focus on the Keywords, Niche and Topics

Your blog’s content and subject matter are critical in raising your CPC.  Not all topics or niche present the same ad types. Advertisers pay (bid) more money for certain keywords/topics, giving publishers decent CPC.

You have to find and compose or include the high paying keywords for your blog content in your blog posts. Google Adsense robots search the content before displaying ads, and Google provides high-quality advertising if it finds important keywords and relevant material.

That does not mean that only high-paid keywords are to be written. It is very difficult to get traffic on the search engine with high paid keywords as there will be more competition.

Please bear in mind that each advertiser who advertises Adsense advertisements on our blogs through Google (AdWords) needs to redirect their visitors to their product page, for sale, registration or any action.

You must always remember the possible sponsors and competitors for the subject you are writing. Say, you write for free stuff, so you can get fewer CPC because no one is going to pay big rewards for free things that they can’t sell. 

Keep in mind that every advertiser who advertises AdSense advertising on our blogs through Google wants our visits to their website to turn them into sale, registration or intervention.

In order to get higher Adsense CPC content and niche of your blog is so important.

2) Do focus on Quality Traffic

Most of the time we skip this main part. You need to know where the website is reaching and how? In terms of traffic, there are two important things to consider.

  • The geographic location of the searchers
  • The entry source 

If the Adsense CPC has to be improved, then you have to rely on these factors to increase income.

  • Geographical Location factor

Blogs do not feature the same advertising in all areas of the world. It screens different advertisements in Sri Lanka and different in the USA. Google can push higher-paid advertising in some countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK, depending on the subject and competition (demand) for the keyword.

Therefore, if the blog is read by most of the Asian users, the CPC will inevitably be less. Another person will probably earn more money from Adsense if he has the same niche and the same amount of page views as yours but he’s having the majority of readers from Europe, Canada and Europe.

You have to reach readers in the USA and other countries with higher payments to raise the Adsense CPC. Pick, analyze and write about keywords and subjects which attract foreign users. If you need to get money from Adsense, don’t rely on a single region or country.

  • Importance of entry source factor

The CPC is also influenced by the point of entry of users. Suppose you’ve got a decent US customer experience, but they are all repeat / returning users from the U.S. (that offers more CPC) who never press the ads. CTR and page RPM are highly affected by this. 

Then new visitors are required to regularly increase the Adsense CPC through search engines. Proper SEO analysis and keyword testing with outstanding posts can attract good quality readers to your blog.  

3) Do use Visual Ads

Many people don’t like photos, Rich media advertisements in their blog posts because they want advertising to appear as a link (text connection). While photo and video ads work well everywhere. Present them as the picture including text if you have text ads only. 

In the next two weeks, you will see the difference. You can experiment and the result would be that the image and text advertisements are performing well at many sites. Google also favors advertisements as Picture including texts and the reasons are given below:

  • Image ads would most certainly be clicked which ultimately leads to higher CTR.
  • All well-marketers and company owners want to display the logo or rich media of their brands and products using visual advertisement, which can offer better advertising and strong CPCs.
  • Rather of viewing 3 or 4 text ads at a time, only one visual ad can be shown. This could be a good commercial for the CPC.

When you can sow image and text ads from Adwords or Google Ad Planner, more advertisers would select your ad slots directly.

4) Do Focus on Excess Ads less CPC

If you are using all of AdSense’s three ad blocks, the posts are well balanced. Use one of the three ad blocks to fill those slots with useful keywords that can feed Google Adsense robots if the blog posts are long enough.

When the posts are too brief and do not have rich keywords, Google may have trouble showing the visitors important, paid and advertising. Ultimately, because of small fees, meaningless and, often, public advertisings are shown on your blogs, you get clicks with no profits. If the item’s length is limited, seek to keep the number of advertisements small.

  • By reducing the number of advertisements on your site for two weeks, you can check with final Adsense earnings and the CPC by CPC calculator on
  • It could work better with two slot ads instead of three or more ads.

Here, the networks are very important. The concept is very clear which ad slot fits well, gives the CPC, CPM and CTR good performance. Build personalized ad channels and track results for 2 weeks for each ad slot on your blog. 

How does this help Adsense CPC to grow?

Delete the low-efficiency ad slot for comparison purposes from your blog (Decide by CTR and final earnings). Google will now deliver stronger ads for those two slots, and the profits can grow.

5) Use Div Tag

Perhaps you have one ad in your header and another in your article, which ad is loaded on your page first? The ad in the header, naturally, because that’s the HTML code first place. Google websites usually have high quality and paid advertisements on the first ad slot on the web pages.

The next question then is, does your header ad have strong clicks? 

It’s the conflict here. Google serves good ads in your header when you get a good click (higher CTR) on your ad slot within the site. And here are some of the clicks you can lose.

Google proposes to advertise your essential commercial slot inside the div tag in order to resolve this issue, which is clearly explained in the Google help page. Adsense robots represent the block with div points with high-quality ads regardless of where they are in an HTML code. 

Use the Div tag to the good block that you have determined in the early stage through custom networks. A few more strategies for that Adsense CPC are possible until the blog starts to produce strong traffic.

But, it takes time for a blog or website to produce fair Adsense revenue. It’s very obvious, but not fast. However, with Adsense, it takes a while to gain a stable income.

You can be a good blogger in just a short period for your followers, other bloggers, and yourself. The above points and explanations will be beneficial in increasing your AdSense earnings and your Google Adsense CPC.

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