Top 5 Telegram cryptocurrency groups

Well, the world is moving forward, and so does the “Economy and Currencies.”

Basically, cryptocurrency is a great way of exchanging your assets on the internet without the involvement of any third party. 

The payments can be transferred to anyone on the basis of “Private and Public Key,” and guess what? There’s almost no transaction fee as compared to the “Banks and other platforms.”

Nowadays, a lot of big giants are allowing cryptocurrencies to actually role as a payment gateway in order to buy/sell goods. 

What’s more, all the banks are working and researching on allowing cryptocurrencies as a payment gateway. So, it isn’t so far when we get to see “Cryptocurrency” allowed by the banks and other payment gateway channels for sending/receiving the payments. 

And, if you’re a crypto lover, then there’s great news for you. Now, you read the latest news, learn new tricks and tips, and gain your experience with the help of “Professional Traders” on Telegram. 

It is because most of the telegram users have an interest in crypto a little bit, and that’s why people prefer using Telegram over most of the social media platforms. 

If you want to enlighten your knowledge about “Cryptocurrency,” there are a lot of groups and channels that one can go for. Let us list down the names of some top telegram crypto groups to follow:

ICO Speaks group

BTC Champ

IEO Pools

ICO Speaks News

DeFi Million

What makes telegram special?

To all those who don’t know about “Telegram,” it is a messaging application that allows you to send/receive massages with a lot of features. 

We can’t list all of them here, but there are a few mainstream features that we can write about. Let’s rock and roll!

Features of Telegram:

  • You can add people that are near you: Just like Facebook and Instagram, Telegram has introduced a new feature that can help you add people living near you. They will be shown in the “People you may know” section, and you can add them without any problem. To enjoy this feature, you’ve to turn your location on. 
  • Edit your messages: Yes, this happened a lot of time with us also. We send a few messages and then realize the typos. Now, you can actually edit your messages if the other person hasn’t seen it. So, this feature comes in handy when “typos and grammatical errors” are a serious issue.
  • Public and Private Groups: There are two types of group that Telegram is offering; Public and Private group. Both come up with different features and can be used for different purposes as well. The public group can be joined with anyone, and you can even post anything there, but a private group is different, and you might need permission to join the group. 

These are the best features of Telegram, and we personally love them. There are tons of other features as well, but we leave them to you because by using the application, you’ll be able to explore them. 

That’s all from the topic Cryptocurrency telegram and if you’ve any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below. 

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