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Top 5 Streamings Platforms that Make the Most Money.


The trend of Streaming movies and TV shows online in 2022 is affecting every individual connected to the internet. Moreover, with the growing popularity of interesting plots in movies, the public is getting increasingly into the world of cinematic masterpieces.

If you searched out of curiosity about the business insight into which platforms are making the most money, you have arrived at the right place. Here we can give you precious information about the top 5 streaming sites that are gaining more popularity while surpassing the great number of traffic.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is the number 1 streaming site that offers a pay-to-watch subscription with affordable pricing. With 208 million subscribers, Netflix is known for its large selection of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and video games.

Moreover, subscribers will always have access to all the Netflix shows available in their region. Not only that, every subscription allows more than one device to be connected with the ability to download content to watch when you are offline. Netflix also airs original content that is only available through Netflix’s official application, which makes consumers crave more content. Also checkout Putlocker.

Content like “Stranger Things,” “Umbrella Academy,” and “Peaky Blinders,” etc. make the platform get a tremendous amount of traffic which helps Netflix to lead in the industry of streaming platforms with the yearly revenue of 29.7 billion US Dollars.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon Video’s Streaming service platform which endorses the second rank. Amazon holds more than 150 Million Subscribers, which is why they are second in demand because all of Amazon Video’s Subscribers get access to a library that contains Ad-free content like TV shows, Movies, and Prime’s Original series.

With the annual revenue of $19.21 Billion, Amazon Prime offers combined packages for its members and pay-for-singles, where you can only pay for a single show or video you wish to watch. This platform also has a few ad-supported channels that are free to watch, but you are going to wait through commercial breaks to complete watching one video. But don’t feel down with Ads because you can also pay for Amazon Prime to watch your content smoothly. In addition, you can also access other channel shows like HBO, Starz, and National Geographic.

  1. Disney+

Disney+ is an American subscription that the Disney Conglomerate earns $14.6 billion from. It is an over-the-top streaming service that provides continents that air on Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, and Star Wars, as well as Star in some areas. In addition, some Disney original films and TV series are also distributed on Disney+.

Disney+ is an excellent choice to subscribe to for someone who likes to catch up on the channels mentioned above and the content. Once you subscribe to Disney+, you don’t have to worry about getting a different platform for the kids at home because they provide well-documented and informative kids’ content, like the entire series on ‘Star Wars Saga,’ all without Ads.

  1. Hulu

Being one of the early leaders in TV streaming platforms, Hulu still maintains its popularity while hosting more than 32 million subscribers with the yearly sales of $9.5 billion. It comes with two types of subscription; the basic subscription features content like TV shows, movies, and Hulu Originals.

The other subscription type, Hulu+ Live TV, offers numerous live TV channels where you can watch Sports, News, and other shows that air live. With Hulu+ Live, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorites, as you can save them to watch later.

Born in 2007, Hulu was operated by joint progress by various corporations like NBC Universal, News Corporation, Comcast, and The Walt Disney Company. With Disney taking operational control of Hulu, this streaming platform continues to be one of the most famous portals.

Now we can understand why Hulu is so famous and why many people subscribe to this service. However, the downside to all this success, and the great news, is that Hulu is only available in the US. That means nobody outside of the US boundaries can access this website unless they take help from a premium VPN.

With the help of a secure VPN, you can easily Trick Hulu Location. All you have to do is learn how to turn off your location and use the region provided by your trusted VPN. Then you can watch Hulu in your homeland or anywhere outside of the USA.

  1. HBO Max

Although HBO Max works similarly to Netflix and Hulu when you have to be connected to the internet, you could also pay for HBO Max from a cable network like Comcast. You will get access to stream HBO original Movies, dramas, and exclusive comedy shows.

HBO Max is the Channel’s only streaming service currently hosting 8 Million subscribers. HBO Max was formerly famous as HBO Now, and many of its subscribers migrated from the precedent. Though HBO Now is way past its booming era, it still exists for people who wish to gain less entertainment content for almost the same price. That is why HBO Max reached its popularity, leaving the parent platform behind.

HBO didn’t only have two platforms. There used to be HBO Go which allowed people to access through a cable subscription to watch the content online. But, unfortunately, it had to be down in 2020 for the people favor HBO Max over HBO Go. So, to sum it all up, HBO Max and HBO Now are the only platforms currently working, with the former service being the most sought-after with the yearly earning of $9.5 billion.


After going through basic information about Streaming Platforms and their popularity, you must have understood the admiration that these services get. When it was not on the mainstream, we caught up on everybody’s confusion because these services were once very difficult to understand.

Now that the movie trend is getting hot, we hope you can select the best Streaming Platform for your budget and hop on the streaming course!

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