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Top 5 sites to get Instagram pages: Verified, safe & Legal

Are you looking for a verified, safe and legal way to get Instagram pages? Look no further! This article will discuss the top 5 sites to get a verified instagram account. We will provide an overview of each site’s features, advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision. Besides, also discuss the importance of geting only verified and legal accounts to protect yourself from potential legal issues. 

1. 5 places to get Instagram account cheap

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, and it’s no surprise that people are looking to get Instagram pages. Whether you’re looking to grow your brand or build an online business, get instagram account with 100k followers can be a great way to get started. 

1.1 Mid-Man

Are you looking to get Instagram account cheap with real followers for your business or personal needs? You’ve come to the right place because Mid-Man specializes in Instagram account options. You have complete peace of mind and confidence when get Instagram pages here because they always ensure your safety and convenience.

This is because there are Instagram account sellers who have mastered all the necessary development tactics and have long since begun expanding your potential account. So, at Mid-Man, ensuring the security of transactions is always a top priority. The trade of digital assets can be made on this website’s useful platform in a secure and open environment.

A team of professionals carefully manages thousands of accounts. Everything on this property represents the exceptional business opportunities you’ve anticipated. They also provide thorough directions that make your journey relatively uncomplicated. Our specialists will quickly complete all your transactions using a defined procedure.


  • Secure and safe
  • Team of professionals with extensive expertise
  • Affordable price, appropriate for application
  • 24/7 client assistance


  • No trial service

No trial service

At Mid-Man, ensuring the security of transactions is always a top priority

1.2 Social Tradia

Social Tradia, another user-friendly site, makes sure you receive actual followers that interact with and advertise your brand. There are no false followers or scam accounts to be concerned about here. For high-quality accounts, payment options are numerous and the customer service is excellent. 


  • Verified Instagram accounts: If the account has real followers, you can contact the vendor to process a transaction and get the last bill.
  • Money-back guarantee: If the vendor doesn’t successfully transfer your funds within 3–5 days, you will receive a refund.
  • Smooth transactions: Numerous payment gateways are accessible, and you can write off your purchase as a marketing expense on your tax return.
  • Dependable a platform: The site has a good reputation whether you sell or get Instagram pages. You’ll shortly receive delivery of an authentic account.
  • Large selection: You can browse the web and more specialist accounts are updated every day. Use filters like category, followers, and more to get focused results.


  • There are private accounts available
  • Dependable and secure platform
  • Prompt and efficient response from customer service
  • Confirmed real accounts


  • The pricing is a little higher compared to other platforms

Social Tradia

Social Tradia makes sure you receive actual followers

1.3 Insta Sale

A fantastic free platform that just takes commission from the guarantor is Insta Sale. So can you get Instagram accounts on this site? Yes, you’ll receive active accounts that will assist in generating leads and converting them into sales. There won’t be any false followers, and the account’s activity will be verified by its real engagement rate and comment analytics. 


  • Transactions are secure because Insta Sale’s guarantors check every transfer and marketing. Users are shielded from dishonest geters and dealers because of this.
  • Transactions that happen quickly are available on the platform. They might get their money the following day if they put an account up for sale on their Instagram account today.
  • User-friendly design: Insta Sale offers a user-friendly design that makes it easy for users to navigate the site and sell their Instagram accounts when geting Instagram pages.
  • Private sales: The platform protects user data and sales information, ensuring users won’t share it with outside parties.
  • Numerous niches: You can simply find genuine Instagram accounts, whether you’re looking for pet, food, or tech-related accounts.


  • Controlling account transfers and money flows to avoid fraud
  • Quick transactions the following day, you’ll either receive cash or access to your account
  • Pleasant user interface
  • Dependable and safe platform
  • Filters are great for obtaining focused results
  • Affordable prices


  • There is no live chat assistance offered

Insta Sale

Insta Sale is a fantastic free platform that just takes commission from the guarantor

1.4 UseViral

UseViral has a lot of accounts so individuals or businesses can get Instagram accounts with active followers. Therefore, they have what you need when you need it at a price everyone can afford, whether you’re looking for an old or new account. Payment also becomes quick and secure as a result.


  • Assurance of delivery
  • High-quality account 
  • 100% private secure 
  • Support 24/7


  • No trial service


UseViral has a lot of accounts so individuals or businesses geting Instagram pages 

1.5 Fameswap

Fameswap is a secure marketplace where to get Instagram pages. This website is highly regarded for this specific activity since it offers quick, effective services with rigorous adherence to safety regulations. The security of every account transaction at this site is further ensured by the fact that all transactions are conducted through a reliable source. 


  • Verified listing information
  • A safe messaging service
  • Payment capture for encrypted
  • Time for a company inspection
  • Transmission of funds securely
  • 24/7 Fameswap after-sale assistance


  • There is no live chat assistance offered


Fameswap is a secure marketplace where to get Instagram pages

2. Why should you get Instagram pages?

Social media platforms have become powerful tools for personal branding, business growth, and online influence. Among these platforms, Instagram is a vibrant and visually-driven space, attracting millions of users worldwide. While building an organic Instagram presence takes time and effort, an alternative option gaining popularity is get Instagram pages.  

  • Right target market audience

By get Instagram account with followers, you may assess its reach, user demographics, quantity of likes and comments, and other crucial details. You will be able to determine whether the followers of this specific account will be interested in your good or service as a consequence. Instead, you have yet to learn who these people are and whether they genuinely exist when you get followers.


You will be able to determine the followers interested in your good or service

  • Save time and money on promotion

Another reason is save time and money on page promotion. If you have decided to expand your company, boost sales, and become more visible to your target market, you need to act immediately. Promoting a brand-new Instagram page takes at least a few months, so you probably need more time. 

You run the risk of getting banned from Instagram itself if you use third-party services for promotion. Purchasing a ready-made promoted page with live users on it would be a wise decision. After utilizing the purchased page, for a few days, you’ll probably attract new clients.

new clients

Save time and money on page promotion if you’ve decided to expand your company

  • Very potential means of sales

One last reason is the new level of your business development. Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most powerful platforms for promotion, advertising, and civic engagement. You are only keeping up with the times if you have mastered this sector. 

Most importantly, you must pay attention to the most well-liked free platform for action, which means you are losing a sizable portion of your audience. According to data, US consumers spend more time on Instagram than on the well-known Facebook. As a result, you must make a change right soon.

Instagram is developing

Instagram is developing into one of the most significant platforms for the promotion

3. How to get Instagram pages safely?

If you’re getting ready to get yourself an account but need to know how to get Instagram pages, there are a few tips you should know before you start transferring that money to the account owner. 

  • Check their previous usernames because a little due diligence never hurt anyone, so let’s start there. There’s a good likelihood that the Instagram account was up for sale in the past if you notice that it changed from cats.lovers to nyc_manicure. Additionally, the account’s risk of infractions is increased as a result.
  • get Instagram pages in a market that interests you. You don’t have to avoid signing up for a fashion account with 1 million fans and converting it into a meme account. To maintain the target demographic and follower base the previous owner had developed, try remaining with the same concept.
  • Verify the number of actual followers. Some merchants might do this as their full-time business, purchasing engagement and followers before offering Instagram accounts with a vast army of bogus profiles for sale. Use tools like phony followers detector, which examines the following current bases by looking at their profile details and post engagement rates, to save time.
  • Always obtain the original email and password. The owner of the Instagram account may report it as hacked and keep both the account and the funds if you don’t receive the original email used on the account.
  • Change the account’s email and password as soon as possible. It’s crucial to update account credentials as soon as possible before beginning to create content. It’s just another security safeguard to prevent account recovery by the former owner. Remember to enable 2FA as well!
  • Always choose the ‘Paying for an item or service’ option when using PayPal. Only one of PayPal’s two payment methods offers a refund if you still need to receive the ordered items. Think twice before believing a vendor if they insist on utilizing the ‘Sending to a friend option and say it is significantly faster.

Using these guidelines, you can evaluate the account’s quality and steer clear of those con artists.

con artists

Here are a few tips you should know before you start transferring that money to the account owner

4. How much does it cost to get Instagram pages?

The cost when you get Instagram pages varies according to the:

  • Number of followers: Prices increase as the number of followers increases. Largely popular accounts may cost several thousand dollars or even more.
  • Niche: You must spend more than those for public places if the slot is particularly pertinent to your firm. Additionally, accounts in well-liked areas like fashion, beauty, and fitness cost extra.
  • Engagement: Reputational benefits come from having loyal customers. The cost of the account increases with the level of activity.

Recall that an Instagram account may be a worthwhile investment if appropriately purchased. By extending your reach, you may invest once and continue to receive leads and sales.


The cost when you get an Instagram page varies depending on many factors

get Instagram pages might be a wise investment for those wishing to rapidly and effortlessly increase their social media following. However, consider elements like follower caliber, interaction rate, and specialty relevance. Also, several sites are reliable for reaching large audiences and growing your social media presence today with established Instagram accounts.

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