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Top-5 Rings Loved by Men

Although stereotypes say that men don’t wear jewelry other than a wedding band, it is not exactly so. In fact, guys adore accessorizing their looks. The most beloved accessory is probably a ring. These ornaments are light and easy to wear and they come in a variety of materials and designs. In this post, we are going to talk about the most common types of men’s rings. If you are in the market for one of these items, you’d better know your options.


Wedding Ring


This is more than jewelry. As a symbol of loyalty and eternal love, it is an indispensable attribute of any wedding. Of course, a ring is not a measure of feelings so you can take it off after the wedding if you want to. However, the majority of men prefer to sport the band to be open about their marital status.


A ring for this special occasion can be wide or thin, intricately-made, or be smooth and simple as an epitome of classic. You may find models cast in gold, platinum, silver, and those combining several metals. Statistics say that men prefer going with smooth and plain wedding bands. It makes sense – discreet accessories match any clothing style and they don’t get old with time.


Symbolic Rings


Any image can have a meaning, whether it is a socially-acceptable symbol or something that has a nostalgic significance for a particular person. The most prominent examples of symbolic rings are those carrying the words of prayers or religious symbols. These designs turn a regular body ornament into a talisman. It is in human nature to believe that supreme powers can protect us from adversity, provide longevity, and bestow luck.


It doesn’t have to be a religious symbol to become an amulet or lucky charm. In the biker community, for example, riders accepted a skull as their patron saint. You can come across many other luck symbols such as 7, four-leaf clover, horseshoe, dragon, etc. Zodiac signs and totem animals are also among those symbols you can proudly wear on your ring. Make sure to check out if you enjoy bold symbolism including skulls, flames, Iron Crosses, and many others.


Designer Rings


Even more symbols can be found in designer rings. Jewelers boldly experiment with styles, images, patterns, and materials to roll out something unique and memorable. These items always have a feature to tantalize the eye – this is the secret behind their popularity even despite the somewhat inflated price. In some cases, it is totally justified – if your ring is made by hand, its price is always going to be in the above the average range.


We love designer rings for their audacity and allure. You can use them as a way to express your worldviews and even as a manifesto. Deliberately extravagant models may become your way to protest against something or, vice versa, support something. Designer accessories are loyal companions of creative personalities; those who love experimenting and steer clear of banal images.


Stone Rings


Many years ago, burly gold rings with a huge protruding gemstone showed that its owner sits at the top of the heap. Needless to say, these rings were extremely expensive and only affluent personas could afford them. Today, stone rings have lost some of their elitism. Nevertheless, they are still favorite jewelry items of powers that be and those who want to be like them. That being said, a huge ring, despite its sky-high price, often looks cheap and tasteless. Therefore, contemporary models offer calmer designs with straight lines, moderate ornamentation, and smaller jewels. These models are a great illustration of the ‘less is more’ principle.


Signet Rings


Back in the day, signets were personalized items. The head of such a ring always carried the family coat of arms or the owner’s initials. This was done for a reason – these letters or images were supposed to leave an imprint in hot wax thus creating a personal stamp combined with a seal. This is how people used to sign correspondence, orders, and other documents. Today, this tradition is gone but signets still resemble their ancient ancestors. They feature a flat round, oval, or rectangular bezel with engraved or embossed symbols and patterns.


How to Choose a Ring


Your fashion sense is a mirror of your inner self. Naturally, your accessories and jewelry ought to represent something whether it is an idea, memory, belief… things of this kind. One item with a deep meaning is always better than a bunch of superficial trinkets. If you choose to express yourself through a symbol, it may even become a conversation starter. Of course, if you incline to original and eye-catching images.


No matter what kind of a ring you end up with, it must be compatible with other jewelry items your wear as well as be a good match for your clothing style in general. If you keep designs, colors, and styles cohesive, your presence will not go amiss.


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