Top 5 Resources To Help You Educate Yourself On Cryptocurrencies


Technology is fast changing its gears. And there is no room for the people who are sitting and watching the change. To be part of the future, you need to take action and educate yourself with every new thing you see in the market.

A great way to start towards a great future is to educate yourself about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain and their future potential. No other industry has displayed such remarkable performance over the last decade.

If you’re a beginner, you might find the whole Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology a bit overwhelming. If you are not sure about Cryptocurrency, The Crypto Genius might be a great help to you.

Top Resources To Help Educate Yourself On Cryptocurrencies

To help you get a deep insight into what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is all about, we have prepared this article for you. Here we have assembled some of the best resources for you to educate yourself on Cryptocurrencies.

Some platforms are obvious, and some will surely surprise you. We are going to dissect them all and see how potent they are in terms of resources.

1. Community Forums

For everyone out there looking to enter the Crypto trade market, Community forums are the best place to educate yourself about Cryptocurrencies. Forums are created with a purpose, so you will find only the interested people joining the conversation.

As these forums are less crowded than teh social media platform, we can easily filter out unnecessary people and keep the conversation relevant, authentic, and clean. For instance, Cryptocurrency forums like Reddit are getting popular and are thriving more than ever.

2. Podcasts

Researching about a certain topic is a time-consuming process, and no matter how interesting a topic is, it can become boring at times. In the case of Cryptocurrency, which is a new concept in the industry, you will find that there is hardly any good information.

Fortunately, there are several Crypto based podcasts on iTunes and other platforms helping needy users like you. However, note that, before entering the world of Cryptocurrency podcast, ensure that you start your journey with episode one. Otherwise, you will hardly understand anything. By mastering these practices, you will see that you are advancing at a rapid pace.

3. Verified Social Media Accounts

When we talked about the Community forums, we have already talked about how to clean area matters. But that can not be said for social media platforms. Hence, the only way you can use social media platforms to educate yourself is by following verified account holders.

By implementing verification, social media have helped the user to find credible and authentic accounts. With the verified account, you can rest assured that the information shared by those accounts are credible and authentic.

4. YouTubers

While some believe that YouTube is a social media platform, there is a distinction that makes YouTube a social media platform. YouTube caters to video content that caters to more education importance than the other social media platforms.

Since Cryptocurrencies are on the rise in the market, many verified YouTubers make informational videos on Cryptocurrencies.

5. White Paper

White papers are the new way to learn about Cryptocurrencies. What are white papers? Unlike the other sources we mentioned in the list, the white paper needs a more technological approach. The best way to understand the white paper is that they are more detailed reports designed by the experts to educate their audiences. 

Do not worry; you do not have to be a developer to understand the concept. It is just a term used in the technological industry. However, be wary of the white papers that lack technical terms.


Out of all the resources that we mentioned in the list, nothing can match your thirst for knowledge. Every platform has its down points. You need to be careful while using these platforms to educate yourself.

Once you start understanding Cryptocurrencies, you can relate other information as well. Combine every source of knowledge together to complete your understanding of Cryptocurrencies.

Although Cryptocurrencies might not be your career, knowing about them will only be beneficial.

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