TOP-5 Referral Programs of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The cryptocurrency industry continues to develop as any other sphere where people can invest their savings. Exchanges are the main playground where users can buy, sell, and trade their coins. In order to attract even more crypto holders and provide them with more opportunities to earn, trading platforms offer referral and affiliate programs. Such programs allow users to invite friends and get a reward for each referral. We have gathered 5 best referral programs that will make your relationships with cryptocurrencies even more beneficial.


Binance has a pretty standard scheme. Registered users can get a personal referral link, invite new users to the platform, and get up to 40% of the commission their referrals paid. The minimum commission you get is 20% and depends on the amount of BNB coins on your account. The program has no limit on the number of friends a user can invite. Binance also strictly controls duplicate or fake accounts and will exclude any user violating the rules. More information can be found on the website.


The affiliate program of CEX has a similar scheme to the previous exchange: the platform generates a personal link, users invite friends to the exchange and earn 30% of the fee on transactions they’ve made on the exchange. The reward is added to the user’s balance automatically once a day for the sum earned 30 days before. Those funds can be directly withdrawn to the card or with a bank transfer. You can get your personal link on the official website.

This exchange has chosen a quite unusual approach for the affiliate program. p2pb2b holds own Referral Games where users ‘fight for the right’ to get their reward. The rules are simple: you get your referral link, invite friends, get points and a 50% discount on the trading fee. The more points you get, the more chances there are to win. Each season the platform gives away different coins. The 1st season of the Games has just finished and lucky traders got their 1 million tokens. The 2nd season started on February 1st. More information is available on the official page of Referral Games.


LocalBitcoins offers users a 20% of the commission for each referral. The reward is sent directly to LocalBitcoins wallet daily. In case if your referral is a buyer and a seller, you will get 20% of the fee from each transaction which will result in 40% commission in total. The program is available only for registered users and only complete deals are counted. Detailed information can be found on the official website.


This trading platform gives an opportunity for users to get paid in BTC within their affiliate program. Traders can get 15% of the commission on all purchases of referrals including future one. The program has no limits – the more users you bring, the more coins you get. The reward is paid monthly and only after 3 successful orders made by at least 3 different users. Get all the information on the website.

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