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Top 5 Reasons And 7 Places To Visit In Vietnam Once In Your Life


Choosing an international travel destination is not easy. You will want to be sure of everything – food, location, safety, accommodation, and everything else. So, where should you go? We can name one country that has everything you need – Vietnam.

It has islands, valleys, sand dunes, rivers, mountains, city life, monuments, temples, and very many other things. Plus, it also has fascinating culture, excellent food, and breathtaking history.

Still not sure?

Read further to know a few reasons that will persuade you to book Vietnam holiday packages.

5 best reasons to visit Vietnam

1.   It is one of the most inexpensive nations to travel

First things first. Why would you not experience a splendid holiday with less money?

Everything in Vietnam, including food, hotel stay, bike or bicycle rent, and admission fees at attractions, is cheaper and will not break your bank. As a result, you can easily spend 1 or 2 weeks in the country.

2.   Explore different areas in this long country

Vietnam is 1,650 km long, so you can go to a new destination every day during your vacation. Moreover, visitors often choose to stay for a couple of weeks and visit the long stretch of beauty from South to North or vice versa.

However, if you do not want to commute much, you can opt to stay in any pole as there are many local attractions to visit. If you have 1 month, you can cover almost the whole country.

In addition, you can also arrange your holidays to Laos, the neighboring country rich in ethnicity.

3.   Serve your palette with delicious street food

Vietnam should be on your bucket list if you are a street food lover. What can be better than a baguette with cilantro, sliced meat and carrots, or hot noodle soup? Let’s not forget sizzling pancakes.

Plus, for a better local experience, you can try stout plastic chairs and tables.

In bigger cities, cuisines like Indian, Japanese, Italian, and others are also available. In addition, vegans and vegetarians can also relish their time with food in Vietnam.

As many citizens practice Buddhism, vegetarian and vegan food is available on the streets and also in fancy restaurants. All you ought to do is find the word ‘chay.’

4.   Vietnam coffee is the best you will ever come across

Vietnamese coffee served with condensed milk is among the most popular coffees in the world. Among them, robusta coffee makes the strongest coffee, which uses phin to slow down the coffee-dropping process. So much so that the drinker might get jitters.

So, if you are a coffee lover, Vietnam is for you!

Another variety you can try is egg coffee which is prepared by adding chicken egg yolk to condensed milk.

5.   Vietnam is a safe country

Vietnam’s major source of income is tourism. So, it is among the most secure countries for tourists. Moreover, firearms ownership is illegal, so you can rest assured.

What can you do in Vietnam?

1.   Visit the Cau Vang bridge

The golden bridge or Cau Vang bridge is one of the fresh additions to the country. The bridge is held by God’s hand and offers a view of astounding Vietnamese beauty. It is a 150m long pedestrian bridge that sits atop a mountain.

2.   Set hiking challenges at Sa Pa

Sa Pa is one of the reasons people love to visit Vietnam. Rice paddies, mountains, and valley walls are not the only reason Sa Pa is attractive. But, the trekking trails are also transcendental, which leads to greater heights and is not for light-hearted people.

3.   Recreate your look at Hoi An

If couture fashion is your thing, then you must not skip visiting Hoi An. Here, you can find scarves, lanterns, silk ties, and many other things to recreate your look.

In addition, you can also choose to make customized clothes. Speed tailors can pull off your desired look within one or two days.

4.   Visit the largest cave at Son Doong

The caving experience in the world’s largest cave is for people who love adventure. This largest cave is made of Carboniferous/Permian limestone and has a river flowing through it along with a jungle. In addition, it is so big that it has its own climate.

To explore this cave, all you need is huge quantities of water, good-quality hiking boots, and a pinch of extra audacity.

5.   Explore Hạ Long Bay – a UNESCO world heritage site

This northeastern bay is known for its 1600 islands and islets.

This bay will be the subject of the most conversation during your whole trip to Vietnam. It’s because of the calm emerald seas, the thick and lush jungles, and the limestone islands.

You can enjoy this Hạ Long Bay by visiting Dau Go Island, Cat Ba Island, Pelican Cave, Dau Be Island, or Hung Sung Sot cave at Bo Hon Island.

6.   Get a sight of sand dunes at Mui Ne

Mui Ne sits surreally in the Southeast of Vietnam and offers an excellent sand dunes exploration escapade. People who are attracted to red and white sand dunes can unwind and enjoy the picturesque view of the town.

Additionally, they can also savor activities like kitesurfing, windsurfing, and sailing.

7.   Wander about the floating market in Mekong Delta

Being a traveler in Vietnam and calling it a day without wandering about the floating market in Mekong Delta will be a disservice to you.

This place is also known as the Nine dragon river delta, where the Mekong river is ready to merge with the sea. In addition to this, it is also famous for its floating markets and tropical fruits.

Here, you can take a ride, chill out in your boat, and soak in the astounding beauty of the surroundings.

Wrapping up!

From coffee drinking and cheap beer to sightseeing and culture, Vietnam is an excellent place for wanderers. So, based on how you wish to adore the vacation, you will get many chances to explore the country. Apart from Vietnam, you can take Cambodia tours on your way.

We hope this guide helps you strengthen your shaky desire to visit Vietnam. With this, we are rounding up the pulse of Vietnam and bidding adieu!

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