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Top 5 Places to Live in Dubai for Families

Moving to Dubai with your family? Or coming here for a visit with your dear ones. You will be relieved to know that this city is the safest place to live. It is a place with endless options for leisure, entertainment, relaxation, and partying. Many people from different regions, mindsets, and lifestyles choose to come to this land of dreams and live here! Dubai is known to attract people of all kinds, with its versatility and that’s what you’ll love the most.

You and your family will have a time of your life, with so much to see, explore, eat, and have fun. This city is known as the most family-friendly destination, offering a plethora of safe living experiences. A Low crime rate, tax-free environment, affordable housing options, and safety have made Dubai, a one of a kind destination.

Therefore, the demand for living in this city has escalated over the years. Selecting the right real estate company in Dubai like can help boost your property search. Apart from investments, there are holiday homes, hotel apartments, luxury resorts and so much more for the comfort of the visitors.

With that comes the main question, where to live in this city with your family? Let’s find out.

List of Top Family-Friendly Places to Live in Dubai

Let’s explore the 5 most beautiful locations that will make you and your beloved one smile with joy!

  • Downtown Dubai

If you and your family love to live a fancy life, with opulent amenities and experiences, Downtown can be your home! The high standard of living and cosmopolitan lifestyle is all that one gets to experience here. Downtown indeed is the center of the city, with some of the most iconic landmarks, like Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa & Dubai Opera.

Downtown has plenty of housing options, from holiday homes, to hotel apartments, and even luxury resorts! You will be guaranteed top-end amenities, making it a spectacular option for families to have a time of their life. There’s so much to explore, from entertainment, leisure, and cuisines, to retail, relaxation, and much more. Living here with your family, you will be amidst the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the vibrant city life.

  • Dubai Marina

If you and your family enjoy the seafront lifestyle, you will love to spend your time at Dubai Marina. It’s more of a canal city, filled with boutique stores, waterfront dining, quirky cafes supermarket, & much more. Dubai Marina also has pedestrian-friendly walkways that are aligned with the cafes and restaurants close by. There’s so much space for you to walk, jog, cycle around, and feel excited at all times. Dubai Marina is a very popular neighborhood of the city that keeps you closer to key areas of the city.

From bars, clubs, to fancy restaurants, and quick eateries, you will never run short of dining options. There are endless options for vacation rentals, holiday homes, hotels, hotel apartments, and much more. These are luxurious homes, one that makes you feel belonged, instantly. With that comes endless amenities here, including a pool, gym, spa, sauna, Jacuzzi and even play area for the kids.

  • Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is indeed a golfer’s paradise, attracting golfing enthusiasts with its excellent accommodation options. If you and your family love golfing as a sport, or adore green living and natural surroundings, Arabian Ranches is your right abode. The holiday homes at Arabian Ranches have everything, from a pool, gym, and Jacuzzi, to a fully fitted kitchen, placing everything for your comfort. This is a safe, vibrant, and secluded community, with luxurious accommodations, and a peaceful environment.

Arabian Ranches is an exceptional choice for families, allowing you to stay far from city life, and close to nature. Here, there’s endless walkway space, bicycle tracks, a desert-themed neighborhood, and superb amenities to pick from. This is enlisted as the best family-friendly community in Dubai, with a desert theme, and traditional UAE vibes. It is for families who love to be around sporting facilities, like golfing, basketball courts, Skate Parks, and even bike trails.

  • Damac Lagoons

Damac Lagoons is a hidden gem nestled within the vicinity of Damac Hills, offering its own serene experiences for all. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, this latest master community has completely transformed the concept of residential living. Prepare to be amazed by the well-crafted homes here that are bound to leave you breathless. DAMAC Lagoons also has an upcoming cluster, known for its beautiful, vibrant, and enchanting waterfront properties. The Morocco Cluster is the final phase of the community, providing investor-friendly projects, capable to generate the best ROI.

Picture yourself waking up each day to the enchanting waterfront lifestyle just steps away from you. Prospective residents have a wide array of luxurious apartments, villas, and townhouses to choose from. The community itself is a vibrant treasure trove, brimming with exciting possibilities, ensuring that residents can create unforgettable memories.

  • Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah indeed is the most iconic development which attracts tourist to visit Dubai and people to live in this amazing location. It has some of the most family-friendly, holiday homes, vacation rentals, and hotel apartments to choose from. But, one thing is common, all of the accommodations here offer the epitome of luxury, and conveniences combined together. This island has a host of options for leisure, fun, entertainment, dining, shopping, and of course relaxation. This place is ideally targeting families who love to explore luxury!

You will feel like you’re on a luxurious vacation, away from the city, amidst the sea! The views of the Palm, the voice of the seashore, and the gorgeous sunsets here are too romantic. It gives families a secluded space, a privacy that they will relish for life. You can brunch near the sea, swim with dolphins, witness the island lifestyle, and do fun activities on the beach. From peaceful spa sessions to the crazy nightlife in the club, Palm Jumeirah has everything to make your day and night, worth it.

Wrapping Up

Dubai is home to some of the best communities, and neighbourhoods, that prove to be the right space for families. If you are planning to visit Dubai with your dear ones, you need to know the right location to live in! This list covers everything, for everyone, based on the experiences one wishes to gain. There’s a peaceful abode, vibrant vibes, bustling city life, seafront accommodation, and so much more! Give your family the time of their life, and make them see the most beautiful part of the city.

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