Top 5 Options for Medical Keyboards & Mice in the Healthcare Industry.

Healthcare Industry

Computers have fundamentally transformed the healthcare industry, finding important applications for medication, treatment, keeping organized records, surgical procedures, and inventory management. 

Keyboards and mice are the primary input devices of a computer, and without them, most computers cannot function. However, in a medical environment, where the spread of bacteria and viruses must be curtailed, regular disinfection of these devices is paramount. 

However, traditional keyboards and mice contain gaps and edges around the keys that are difficult to reach for cleaning. As a result, they serve as breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and viruses. Good medical keyboards and mice offer a solution. They are carefully designed in a way to ensure easy cleaning and disinfection, as well as withstand the rigors of the medical environment. This ensures that the immaculate environment of hospitals is preserved. 

This post explores the top 5 options for medical keyboards and mice in the healthcare industry:

Medical Grade Keyboard for Healthcare.

Seal Shield is the leading developer of medical grade keyboards that are 100% waterproof and washable. Because their keyboards are waterproof, they can be cleaned without having to be disconnected or powered down. Either you soak them in bleach, wash them in a sink, or even toss them in an automatic dishwasher, these medical-grade keyboards are designed to withstand rigorous cleaning procedures. Seal Shield keyboards are fully submersible because they are certified to IP-68 standard, which is the most stringent rating against debris, dust, and liquid ingress.

These medical-grade keyboards are also built to meet the RoHS standard, which restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. Coupled with their washability, this makes Seal Shield medical grade keyboards one of the best in the market. 

Finally, Shield Medical Keyboards are designed to withstand the higher levels of radio interference, that’s typical in hospitals. Its double-shielded cables and inbuilt cable ferrites help to eliminate radio frequency cross-talk. This gives them the rigidity that’s required in a healthcare setting. 

Coming in different sizes, styles, materials like plastic, silicone, acrylic, and glass, Seal Shield keyboards come in various forms to perfectly complement major mobile medical carts, wall mounts, and other healthcare applications. 

Waterproof & Washable Backlit Keyboard for Healthcare

Seal Shield backlit keyboard is waterproof and immersible. This provides dependable protection for liquids, dust, and debris, and can be easily sanitized for laboratory, medical, and even food processing applications. 

Backlit keyboards are ideal for low-light conditions like operating suites, laboratories, and hospital wards. Some of the major models by Seal Shield include:

  • Seal Glow Waterproof Keyboard S106G2

This waterproof, silicone style backlit keyboard is dishwashable and features a USB interference for a reliable connection.

  • Silver Seal Glow Backlit Waterproof Keyboard SSKSV207G

This high medical grade keyboard is constructed with antimicrobial protection to limit the transmission of bacteria, germs, and mold through the computer and keyboard. Its backlit even comes in 3 adjustable levels, making it suitable for low-light environments. This infection control ability and low-light environment suitability makes it highly attractive. 

Other washable and waterproof backlit keyboards from Seal Shield include Seal Touch Glow Waterproof Keyboard S90PG2 and Silver Seal Glow Waterproof Keyboard SSKSV207GL r4, among many others.

Waterproof & Washable Wireless Keyboard for Healthcare

Seal Shield also provides waterproof, spill-proof medical-grade wireless keyboards. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, this eliminates the need for a USB cable. 

This medical-grade keyboard is made from ABS, which is an impact-resistant engineering thermoplastic and amorphous polymer, which provides it with rigidity. Its almost flat design leaves no space for dust accumulation, making it super easy to clean. It uses an FR wireless rechargeable technology for connection. It also comes in either white or black.

Seal Shield’s Cleanwipe Bluetooth Waterproof Keyboard comes in 4 varieties models and is all equipped with a detachable power cable.

Fully Washable & Waterproof Medical Computer Mice

Seal Shield’s medical-grade mouse is washable and waterproof, making it an important tool for improving hand hygiene. Although it looks like a conventional mice, its extra feature of full washability makes it ideal for medical environments as it can be thoroughly sanitized from time to time. They can be sprayed or wiped without ever disconnecting them. They can also be soaked in bleach, sink, or dishwater since they are fully submersible.

Medical equipment must be specially designed to withstand the rigors of a healthcare environment. These mice are made from top-notch materials and features like double-shielded cables and cable ferrites to avoid radio interference that is typical in the hospitals. These mice are Microsoft-certified and compatible with ERP systems like Cerner, Epic, and Meditech.

They also come in a variety of styles and colors so they can suit any environment. Whether you want a corded or wireless mouse, Seal Shield medical-grade mouse is a great choice.

Fully Washable & Waterproof Medical Desktop Mice with Wired Cord

Seal Shield’s corded mice are fully waterproof and washable. They come in a wide range of colors including black, white, and red to perfectly suit any medical environment. They come in three main varieties:

  • Silver Storm Waterproof Mouse

These mice are made from ABS, which ensures top-notch rigidity. It also features 1000 DPI, which is the best sensitivity and offers real-time movement with the pointer. They are easily washable and ideal for hospitals and labs.

  • Seal Shield Waterproof Mouse

These mice are made from silicone and they feature a scroll button as well as two buttons. They are very comfortable to use and easy to clean, making them very hygienic.

  • Silver Surf Waterproof Mouse

These waterproof mice are made from ABS for rigidity and are very easy to clean and use.


Ensuring proper hygiene in medical environments is a top priority. A crucial part of that is ensuring that all the equipment and tools are free of germs at all times. Seal Shield manufactures medical grade keyboards and mice that are waterproof and easy-to-wash, even in a dishwasher. They come in a variety of styles and are a great addition to medical setups.

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