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Top 5 Most Popular Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packagings

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The Climate crisis is no secret. Among the pollutants that have wreaked environmental havoc, plastic plays a major role. In light of that, consumer behaviour has also shifted towards more environmentally conscious choices. As a result, the boom in the cosmetic packaging industry is quite prominent. That’s why brands are gradually making a shift from plastic packaging to more sustainable alternatives.

When we analyze the packaging market today, there are various options out there. Moreover, plenty of brands are trying to make the future of packaging better and more sustainable. Brands like Inika, Spectacle, Ethique, Pacifica, etc. package their products in packaging that are recyclable and can be reused.

This article will help you uncover some of the best eco-friendly cosmetic packagings!

Why Does Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Matter?

Well, there is not one but various reasons for which eco-friendly packaging matters. Here are some of them!

Reduce environmental pollution: One of the key reasons for which eco-friendly packaging matters is environmental pollution. The use of eco-friendly packaging helps in reducing plastic waste and thus reducing the environmental pollution.

Marketing is easy: In today’s time, eco-friendly packaging can be used as a marketing unique selling proportion. Many brands are already doing it and are benefitting from it. Keeping eco-friendly packaging as a product makes your brand stand out from the rest.

Good image in the eyes of customers: When your brand has eco-friendly packaging as the key USP, it builds a good image of the brand in the eyes of customers. It helps in creating a loyal customer base that is not only concerned about the product but also the packaging.

Top 5 Most Popular Eco-friendly Packaging!

So, now we are well-versed with the benefits of eco-friendly packaging, let’s take a look at some of the most common yet innovative sets of eco-friendly packaging!

Glass packaging

If you are wondering why glass packaging is on top, let us explain it to you. Unlike plastic, the best and most affordable packaging that is readily available is glass. But, not all types of glass packaging are good for beauty and cosmetics. To ensure that the integrity of the product is intact, glass types like borosilicate, soda-lime and treated soda lime glass are the ideal choices.

On top of all, glass packaging is reusable. You can wash them properly and reuse them for as long as you want. Other than reusability, glass packaging is also good for recycling. It can be melted and reformed into various other shapes.

Paper packaging

Paper packaging is the next best thing on our list! Paper packaging is made using sustainable forestry practices. It uses less energy and water in contrast to plastic and glass packaging. Moreover, it can be recycled easily without any hassle.

But, paper packaging might not be a good idea for all the products. For example, if you are looking for waterproof packaging, this might not be the ideal choice. Because paper is an absorbent material, it can get soaked in water and ruin the product inside. So, ensure to pick the right type of paper that goes well with your product!

Bamboo packaging

Bamboo is one of the best eco-friendly packagings that you can get for your products. Bamboo, unlike paper, is way better in terms of durability and strength. It can protect your product from any kind of damage. Moreover, it is also good for branding as it offers a great canvas to print your brand’s logo and other important details. Bamboo, unlike wood, grows faster, which makes it readily available to customers. It is also lightweight compared to wood, which makes it easy to carry across whenever and wherever required.

The only downside of bamboo packaging is that you cannot store it in a moist environment. If stored in a moist atmosphere, bamboo attracts moisture and becomes soggy, which can damage the product.

Metal packaging

Metal packaging is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable packagings that you can get for your products. It is usually made using recycled aluminium that can be reused multiple times. Metal packaging is also good for branding as it offers a great canvas to print your brand’s logo.

The best thing about the metal packaging is its tensile strength and waterproofing feature. Moreover, it can protect your product from any kind of damage. One downside of metal packaging is that it is a bit expensive compared to other types of packaging.

Other than that, metal packaging is not ideal for being used for all types of cosmetics or beauty products. Products that contain acid might react with the packaging and lead to damage. Hence, you need to be thoughtful about choosing metal packaging.

Cornstarch packaging

The cornstarch packaging is made from polylactic acid (PLAs) that are derived using a variety of renewable resources, such as those found in the form of sugarcane and corn starch. One great aspect of this type of material is its non-toxic properties which make them safe for humans and animals alike!

It also produces very little emissions when compared to other materials on earth, so it’s easy enough just find an appropriate way to get rid of it once you’re done using one up – either by disposing responsibly at home via your household trash can/ recycling bin where applicable, or pitching into commercial landfills if not removable.


So, these are some of the most popular eco-friendly cosmetic packaging that you can get for your products. All these packaging materials are good in their own way. You need to pick the right type of packaging that goes well with your product and brand.

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