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Top 5 International Cuisines And Why You Should Try Them

When it comes to finding an interesting meal that is tasty and colorful, there is a world of choices. This is because there are so many cultures that have their own unique recipes and ranges of flavors. If you are looking to try something new, then why not check out this asian snack box for tasty and satisfying snacks whenever you like.

These are the tip five international cuisines, and what we think makes them some of the most popular cultural dishes in the world.


Firstly, Vietnamese food offers a range of tasty broths, soups, and noodle-based dishes. Each is packed full of flavor, spice, and a variety of textures. One of the most popular Vietnamese meals is Pho, which is a broth with rice noodles, fresh vegetables, and spices.

It isn’t hard to see why Pho restaurants are becoming more popular, as the additional protein from chicken, beef or tofu makes for a hearty and satisfying meal every time. Pho is also surprisingly easy to make, and the Vietnamese have embraced their culture when it comes to presenting Pho.

Customers in Pho restaurants will traditionally be presented with very thin slices of beef, which are added to the broth upon eating.


Another highly popular cuisine that offers unique combinations of flavors and rich aromas is Indian food. Traditional Indian dishes tend to be vegetarian, and there is a range of spices used to create flavorful curries, samosas, and raita.

Being able to find the right spice combination for you is something that makes Indian cuisine so versatile and loved by many. Cut through the heat of curries with cool dips and enjoy the completely authentic experience by using naan and poppadoms to scoop the food from the dish to your mouth.

If you are looking to try something new, we would recommend the masala dosa. This is highly fragrant and will have a slightly different taste than the curry that you might be used to.


The next top international cuisine is the iconic Italian food. There are numerous everyday dishes that originated from traditional Italian cuisines, such as pizza, bruschetta, pasta, and more.

However, like many Mediterranean cultures, Italian cuisine was originally focused on bringing out rich flavors with fresh ingredients. With diets that use fresh tomatoes, local cheeses, and other decadent ingredients, Italian cuisine offers some of the tastiest dishes out there.

Another key quality that makes Italian cuisine stand out is its affinity for desserts and sweet treats. Tiramisu, cookies, cakes, and fruit can be seen in many Italian restaurants. They enjoy celebrating the simplicity of good quality ingredients in their dishes.


Charcoal rotisserie chicken and South American spices come together in Peruvian cuisine. There are a variety of unique spins on regular potato salad, and some Peruvian restaurants actually encourage customers to make their own combinations.

This cuisine takes inspiration from Incan populations as well as influences from Eastern Europe. The aji pepper is one of the greatest secret ingredients found in Peruvian dishes, which adds a completely different taste and aroma to a dish.

The flavor is unlike anything found in American cuisine because the aji pepper is not typically found growing native in those areas. We would recommend traditional Peruvian ceviche for a fresh yet tangy taste.


Finally, Turkish food is inspired by Ottoman cuisine. However, many of the dishes are a result of numerous regional influences. These include Mediterranean, European, and Middle Eastern cuisines. As a result, Turkish cuisine offers some of the most diverse and interesting dishes around the world.

Woof-fired ovens are typically used in Turkish cooking, and recipes tend to use a lot of olive oil, yogurt, breakfast pastries, seafood, lamb kebabs, and their own spin on coffee. Whether you want to book a trip to Turkey or head to the nearest authentic restaurant nearby, you’ll be sorted for a tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


There are so many unique dishes available from each culture around the world, that it can be hard to choose. Consider taking inspiration from the cultures above to see how different regions of the world approach cooking and feeding guests.

This is bound to give you a little inspiration for your next dinner party, or when you want to try a new restaurant. Food is something that is celebrated across the world, and it truly is fascinating to see how each culture has made their own adaptations based on local ingredients and spices.

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