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Top 5 Highest Paying IT Certifications In 2023

The IT field is full of lucrative offers, but you can get rewarded if you have the right skills and a certificate to validate your knowledge. Recent Google trends have shown us that the interest in Microsoft certifications has grown to a whopping 40% from May to October 2022, proving that the demand for trained and skilled IT professionals is growing daily. 

This article aims to provide insights into the top 5 highest paying IT certifications you should enroll in 2023 if you want to achieve the best out of your IT career.

  1. SharePoint Certification & Training

Looking at the digital evolution, there is no doubt that in the future, businesses will use the cloud to store data. Sharepoint will be vital if you are looking to store data in the cloud or for efficient communication among the team. If you are an existing SharePoint user, you must have understood till now. Though SharePoint is primarily used as an intranet and document management platform, SharePoint has endless other uses for you.

Its ascendable and customizable choices mean that SharePoint can resolve various business issues. However, obtaining the best from the system requires having someone with the right skills and expertise. People working in the Microsoft ecosystem understand the value of having a SharePoint Administrator for a company. Sharepoint Certification helps administrators to help businesses use the full potential of the Sharepoint platform.

  1. Microsoft Powershell Certification & Training

Automated tasks are of great help to any business as it helps them run smoothly by delegating tasks to computers instead of humans. A PowerShell certification trains you to write scripts to automate various tasks. Microsoft-developed PowerShell is a combination of a shell and scripting language. Using shell PowerShell helps you automate tasks on a computer using a command line. 

PowerShell has some unique in-built commands and syntax using which you can create and run a custom PowerShell command. Most people utilize Powershell scripts to gain optimum out of Windows PowerShell. People can cut down a lot of time on tedious or complex tasks with windows PowerShell.

  1. Microsoft 365 Certification & Training Course

Many companies use Office 365 to maximize productivity for their business, which is why companies prefer an applicant with Microsoft 365 Certification; it ensures the candidate’s knowledge about the domain. 

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that allows users to use other Microsoft office products. Moreover, Microsoft Office 365 also caters to users with additional services, like cloud storage, that are not included with the MS office standard pack. Depending on the level of proficiency one wants to achieve, one can opt to learn for various levels of Microsoft Office 365.

But one thing is for sure having Microsoft Office 365 certification will add more value to your resume. So get one and be a valuable asset to the company. 

  1. Dynamics 365 Certification

Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem is a high-growth industry, and the growth increases after releasing Dynamics 365. Since businesses are adapting to digital change, the demand for Dynamics professionals is more likely to increase so that companies can boost the value of their IT functions.

A Microsoft Dynamic CRM Certification increases your worth as an IT professional regardless of your role, be it a Tech consultant, functional consultant, Practice Lead, or developer. Having Dynamics 365 certification will help you get more pay. Moreover, studies show that you are more likely to get a job when you are Dynamics 365 certified.

Carrying a certificate and expertise can help you advance in your career, which is essential in a pace-loving IT industry. Certifications increase your worth and help you become an asset to the organization.

  1. Microsoft SQL Certification

If you want to become a database professional, having a Microsoft SQL certification increases your chances of landing a great job and validates your expertise in the domain. SQL certifications are not only for engineers looking to brush up their skills but also for business analysts who need to get insights on new trends.

SQL is the acronym for Structured Query Language, which is used for managing data in RDBMS (Relational database management system). It helps you query, manipulate, and define the data in RDBMS. It is a standard language for the database, regardless of which relational database you are using.

This IT certification opens doors for you to become a database professional and get the best out of your career in the long run.

Final Words

These are the top 5 highest paying IT Certifications from Microtek Learning to stand out from other applicants. Not only do these certifications help you increase your pay but also they help you in achieving more out of your career and get expertise in a domain. 

Having these certifications increases your chances of hiring as companies hiring IT professionals always look for certifications to verify their knowledge and skills.

Go and grab these courses at pocket-friendly prices and boost your career growth!


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